Here Lies Xeno’s Hopes and Dreams – October 2020 Edition

Currently in the full swing of work so I plan on covering less shows in episode reviews and hopefully start compensating with other kinds of content. We’ll see.

Scheduled Posts

  • 10/21 – Fall 2020 Update
  • 10/23 – The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited – Review
  • 10/30 – Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater – Review
  • Every Saturday (starting at 10/10) – Adachi and Shimamura Episode Review
  • Every Sunday (starting at 10/11) – The Day I Became a God Episode Review

Seasonal Anime Coverage

Finished both Rent-a-Girlfriend and Lapis Re:LiGHTs. Rent-a-Girlfriend has been renewed for a second season but I make no guarantees I’ll cover it. It’ll depend on what else airs alongside it. As for Healin’ Good Pretty Cure, I’m still watching it but I’ve decided to drop coverage. It was fun but I feel the time spent reviewing it could be better used for something new this Fall and I’m not the best when it comes to reviewing multi-cour anim

With Fall 2020, I got some first impressions to write. Going to be very selective this time around because of work and honestly, trying to cover everything burns me out.

For full coverage, I’ve picked Adachi and Shimamura and The Day I Became a God. There’s room for one more show but I haven’t locked in on a definite choice (two shows that I’m eyeing are Tonikawa and Wandering Witch). It’s entirely possible I might dislike or get bored with any of my picks so maybe I’ll opt for something else if that happens (or enjoy the free time, I don’t know).

Bonus Coverage

Finished reviewing Flip Flappers and with that, I’ve fulfilled the second review poll. I do need to make screencaps for everything past Episode 3 but that’s a low priority. I was planning on doing another poll as I finished Flip Flappers but with Fall not looking so barren, I decided to hold off on it for now.

Also finished covering Yuki Yuna is a Hero. That honestly got really exhausting towards the end (damn you, Hero Chapter) but the whole series has been so worth my time. I 100% plan on covering the third season when it airs (though I am worried about simulcasting since Amazon is no longer streaming Seasons 1 and 2). I will also review the Nogi Wakaba and Kusunoki Mebuki novels.

Episode Re-Reviews

After holding it off for two stinking years, I finally finished the Princess Principal re-reviews. I might spruce them up one more time before I watch Crown Handler (whenever that is) but I’m 90% more content with my coverage of this awesome series. That said, I must admit that the daily turnout was exhausting (and I gave myself a head’s start for the record). If I do this kind of approach again, I should do it much further in advance and hold off on publishing until the vast majority of posts are ready to go.

Laid-Back Camp Season 1 episode re-reviews are still slated for December 14 to 28. In light of how writing for PriPri went however, I’m keeping an open mind over posting them more periodically, maybe even to fill in the third seasonal slot if need be. Whatever the case, I plan on working this ASAP so that it’s all ready to go.

Thanks for reading!

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