Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

Not going to lie, I was a little bummed to see Is it Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon? III get pushed back by a whole season. It can’t be helped, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, but man would it have been nice to have this series during Summer 2020. Lord knows that season needed it. Still, I’m glad that DanMachi is back in general, especially just one year after Season 2 (watch Season 4 be four years from now…). DanMachi may not be the most mind blowing anime out there but damn is it a good one. The main cast of characters is charming, the mythos can get surprisingly intriguing, and the action is fantastic and some of J.C. Staff’s best work in recent memory. It’s a real bright spot in the tiresome glut of fantasy anime that we keep seeing these days and I’m all for more of it until proven otherwise.

With DanMachi III, the plot for (presumably) the whole season is that Bell (Yoshitusugu Matsuoka) encounters a seemingly sentient monster girl (Rina Hidaka) while exploring the 19th floor of the Dungeon. Despite her true nature, Bell saves her from some adventurers hunting her down and decides to take her home with him. Bell’s companions have their objections though Hestia (Inori Minase) allows the girl to stay for the time being, even giving her the name “Wiene”. In other words: finally at the third season of this stinking show, Bell has picked up a girl in a dungeon. The boy actually did it.

While I doubt the show will discuss if it was wrong of Bell to try to pick up a girl in a dungeon, I do expect something compelling to come out of his decision. To save a monster, even if it’s sentient, is quite ballsy of him and all his companions, especially Lili (Maaya Uchida), have every right to be on edge. And no doubt, he’ll run into some more opposition down the road. It’s looking to be a continuation of Bell’s character development during the second arc of Season 2, challenging and questioning his heroic aspirations and selflessness much like how saving Haruhime (Haruka Chisuga) did. Some other plot details pique my curiosity as well as such as Ouranos (Tooru Ookawa) seemingly allowing Bell to give Wiene refuge and the Hermes familia investigating an apparently growing interest in monsters similar to Wiene.

To be honest, there’s a part of me that expects Wiene to die at the end of this arc. It’s of course entirely possible I’ll be wrong but I can’t help but shake this feeling. Already within the first episode of the season and you have Wiene mugging to the “camera” constantly, especially when she’s around Bell. I’ve seen enough anime to know that stuff might go down. Even so, I do like Wiene well enough. Bell being a pillar of support isn’t exactly new though it is interesting seeing him act a lot more familial with Wiene. This especially surfaces when Wiene accidentally injures Bell with her nails and Bell endures the pain because he recognizes her remorse and innocence. Some of Wiene’s interactions with the others are good too such as Haruhime looking after the girl alongside Bell and Hestia surprisingly not minding her company the same way she does with the other female members of the familia. If the show wants me to care about Wiene, it’s doing a good job so far.

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