One Room (Season 3) – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

One Room is a guilty pleasure of mine. The whole gimmick of you being the male love interest for all of the show’s ladies is weird in concept and shoddy in execution but it’s for those reasons, that I’ve found myself watching it. To the show’s credit, it does also present a pretty charming character every once in a while. That said, I never expected nor did I wish for there to be more. Getting a second season was crazy enough but a third? Of all the anime to come back, why this one? Then again, the joke is on me. I’m the one who stuck with this series for so long.

The biggest change for Season 3 is the roster getting increased from three to five. Yui, Natsuki, and Minori are all slated to return while two new characters will make an appearance. I’m not surprised Yui is back, she’s the poster child of One Room at this point, though I kind of wish we got Moka or Mashiro over Natsuki and Minori (boy do I not want to see Natsuki again). That there is five characters instead of three does worry me a bit. The past two two seasons gave each of its ladies four episodes which was perfect. With this, either this show is much longer to fulfill the four episode per arc quota or it’s still twelve episodes and some characters will appear for more time than others.

I thought for sure we’d start with Yui (again, she’s the poster child) but evidently, Season 3 starts with one of the new characters, Akira Kotokawa (Miyu Tomita). In this arc, the “protagonist” acts as Akira’s upperclassman at school (which, believe it or not, is inconsistent to past implications surrounding the character) and the two of them are attending to gardening club duties during summer vacation. It’s fine though it does feel like we’re treading water here. Akira’s vibrant personality and slight teasing has already been covered by the likes of Minori and the “notice me senpai” angle isn’t enough to differentiate away from that.

As you can guess, and that’s assuming you care enough to know, the usual flaws still persist in Season 3. The POV gimmick is still weird as ever and even then, very little of the “cinematography” actually makes it seem like you are actually there awkwardly staring and conversing to the girl on the screen. I would wish for One Room to improve on this but 1) making the series more immersive runs the danger of being even weirder and 2) that would require One Room to exercise more effort and we can’t have that now, can we?

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