Is the Order a Rabbit? BLOOM – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

As arguably one of the most famous CGDCT anime out there, Is the Order a Rabbit? (GochiUsa) was a pretty glaring entry in my backlog. Up until recently, the most exposure I got was a clip or two and that tribute episode in Pastel Memories (remember that show?!) which got infamously scrubbed from streaming for copyright reasons. I finally sat down and watched through the first two seasons last month and while I wouldn’t rank it alongside my personal favorite CGDCT anime, it was a fun time. The narrative is almost non-existent but the show is consistently funny and the cast is quite charming, especially Cocoa (Ayane Sakura) and Chino (Inori Minase) whose surrogate sisterhood towards one another carries the show for me. Suffice to say, I’m more than willing to watch the third season, Is the Order a Rabbit? BLOOM.

Right now, this season looks more of the same. You have the staff of Rabbit House and all their friends. Hijinks ensue. In the specific case of the premiere, you have Cocoa, Chino, and Rize (Risa Taneda) shopping for fabrics so that they can new versions of their work uniforms that are more appropriate for the summer. Later, they try to sell some old stuff at a flea market. Chiya (Satomi Satou) and Syaro (Maaya Uchida) are there also. If it sounds like I’m grasping at straws, that’s simply the nature of GochiUsa. It’s a very aimless series that doesn’t really seem to have any real objective in mind. There does appear to be a passage of time as we’re now later into the summer season compared to where Season 2 left of (I don’t know if the movie and OVA are canon) but that’s as far as continuity goes.

For what it’s worth, the show remains as charming as ever. My favorite jokes in this premiere is when Rize begrudgingly gives both Cocoa and Chino a piggyback ride as well as Cocoa, Chiya, and Syaro acting as sales pitchers during the flea market scenario. The comedy is certainly familiar but GochiUsa continues to keep it from becoming stale. You also have some character building for Chino, the closest the show has to a character arc. In one moment, Chino attends to a lost girl while Rize looks for the mother and after some initial hurdles, Chino succeeds in cheering the girl up. As gradual as it is, Chino has come a long way since the beginning of the series. It just goes to show the impact Cocoa has left on her as her surrogate sister.

Something to note is that BLOOM is being animated by yet another studio, about the fourth switch this adaptation has seen at this point. This time around, it’s Encourage Films animating the series. Fortunately, the change isn’t too concerning. The principal staff members are still reprising their duties this season and Encourage Films is doing a good job replicating the art style.

Once more, this looks par for the course for GochiUsa. I do wish for the series to get a little more ambitious with its plot but I’m also content with where it’s settled and I will gladly continue to watch more.

Thanks for reading!

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