The Day I Became a God – Ep. 3

Last episode ended on a bit of cliffhanger with Sora arriving home injured and with the assistance of her friend Hikari (Haruka Terui). This episode begins with an equally serious follow-up, explaining that Sora got her injury while backing her friend against a creditor who is swindling money out of the latter’s family’s ramen-centered restaurant. The rest of the episode proceeds to pull an 180 as Hina tasks Yota to pretend as a business consultant and help Hikari turn a profit. Believe me, it’s as silly and stupid as it sounds.

I’m grasping at straws here. Much of the episode really does boil down to Yota screaming at the top of his lungs and bossing Hikari around with the advice Hina imparts to him. It can be funny at times but for the most part, it’s very droning and it goes on for far too long. This is especially the case when Yota gives an elaborate interview to…someone; the whole scene serves no purpose beyond padding. Frankly, the logic behind this act escapes me. Does Yota actually need to act like this? What’s the point in him lying about his age or connection to Sora? You can’t tell me these are completely necessary to get the job done.

Beyond that, plot or character development is really hard to come by in this episode. I half-expected Hikari to come to the conclusion that she shouldn’t discard her family and her restaurant’s traditions but nope! She completely goes along with Yota and Hina’s input. Sora pops up to lend a helping hand but she’s effectively a background character. Most detrimental however is the so-called conclusion. It’s a lot of fun how Hina draws out an entire route for Yota to follow as he fights the debt collector, it’s easily the funniest moment in the episode, but does punching the guy really going to put an end to it? Is he really not going to show up again? The restaurant technically still owes a lot of money and they haven’t really re-negotiated the terms of their debt (which are indeed unfair). It honestly doesn’t feel like a whole lot is accomplished here.

This episode does somewhat advance the actual plot of the show. Introduced in this episode is Hiroto Suzuki (Chiharu Shigematsu), a child prodigy in computer programming and hacking. Hiroto’s employer (Kikuko Inoue) tasks him with investigating the whereabouts and work of a scientist. Both Hiroto’s introduction and the incorporation of advanced technology and a shady company are insanely random but at least it’s something. Chances are, these will somehow tie into the doomsday plot (remember that?!) and maybe even Hina for that matter. I’ll also say that Hiroto’s characterization is decent. The episode has him helping a mother find her lost daughter which suggests a more selfless side. At the same time however, he seems very mischievous, so much so that the company he works for keeps a close eye on him (notice the cuffs on his hands).

Truth be told, I’m getting rather worried with The Day I Became a God. It’s taking its sweet time and it’s getting increasingly frustrating for me. I wouldn’t mind that if it wasn’t for the fact the show is about the world ending soon. Seriously, there’s 17 days left now? Hina, what the hell are you doing?

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