Here Lies Xeno’s Hopes and Dreams – November 2020 Edition

Didn’t sleep very well this past weekend and daylight savings is always a big adjustment for me. Oh, and the election is in a few hours. Suffice to say, I’m not in the best mood or spirits. That said, it’s start of the month so I really need to crank out the usual announcements post.

Scheduled Posts

  • 11/15 – Fall 2020 Midseason Rankings
  • Every Saturday – Adachi and Shimamura Episode Review, Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina Episode Review
  • Every Sunday – Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Episode Review

As always, scheduling is subject to change for who knows what (hell, I’m actually behind on coverage right now due to my fatigue).

Seasonal Anime Coverage

As you can tell in the schedule above, Adachi and Shimamura remains a lock and after testing the waters for four weeks/episodes, I’ve decided to make it official and continue reviewing Wandering Witch and Love Live!. You can pretty much consider the lineup finalized. I wanted to give myself until the midseason like I have in past seasons but in light of work, I can’t afford to keep experimenting for much longer. It sucks and it also feels a bit weird but it is what it is.

Regarding The Day I Became a God, I’m planning to write at least one more review but the show hasn’t clicked for me as well as I’d hope so it’s probably going to go (hence why reviewing it isn’t scheduled). The only reason I don’t sound 100% confident with my decision is because P.A. Works and Key will eventually hit us with the feels and the intrigue (though whether or not that is any good is admittedly a mystery). We’ll see.

Episode Re-Reviews

I’m risking my free time with this but I’ll be retroactively covering Granbelm in episode reviews. I figured with the show coming out on Blu-ray this week, it’s a good time for me to revisit the series and not going to lie, I actually really regret not covering the show when it aired. Since I’m already busy with three seasonal shows, my current plan is to review Granbelm whenever time allows though that may quickly change as I’d like to cover the whole show before New Year’s and I’d hate to have large gaps between posts.

Laid-Back Camp Season 1 episode re-reviews are still slated for December 14 to 28. I was hoping to get a head’s start on them in October but I’ve been pre-occupied with seasonal anime (I’m watching a lot right now). Hopefully, I can get cracking at them this month.

Series Reviews

Again, I’ve been pre-occupied with seasonal anime. As a result, I missed the deadlines for the two series reviews I planned on doing last month. While the premiere influx is over now, I decided not to schedule any series reviews this month until I feel more confident in my ability to crank them out when I say I will. That said, I hope to work on them whenever time allows.

Anime Archive & Housekeeping

Once more, the Anime Archive is under construction. The reason for this is I’d like for the hub and all its pages to be under the Gutenberg/Block editor (which WordPress finally forced me to use in September) and for whatever stupid reason, some of the HTML codes I originally used don’t work anymore so I have to fix that. None of the pages are set to Private however so visitors can still visit them. Along the way, I’m also doing some housekeeping for some of these old reviews such as updating the footer, changing links, and re-embedding screencaps via Imgur (I still have some storage space left but I might as well transfer some stuff while I’m at it).

Thanks for reading!

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