Fall 2020 Midseason Rankings

Sorry I’m late with this post by a day. November is proving to be one of those months where I’m not at the top of my game as a blogger and I also had a lot of catching up to do (more that in a bit). Just for your information, the cutoff for the rankings is still the intended publication date, November 15th, so I haven’t watched any new episodes past that.

To recap, I had a grand total of 20 shows under “Currently Watching” back in the Fall 2020 Update. That was an overwhelming number; so much so that it clearly backfired on me by the midseason. That I wanted to give that many shows a try does say something about how I feel about this season. This is, without a doubt, the first normal season in quite some time with a plethora of shows airing and nothing getting pulled from broadcast (at the moment at least). After such an underwhelming Spring and Summer, this season is a real bright spot in the year so I probably felt very generous with the lineup as a result. Alas, I can’t keep up with everything so some stuff had to go.

Let’s take a look at Fall 2020.

Currently Watching

#1. Adachi and Shimamura

Current Score: 8/10

Episodes Seen: 6 out of 12

I was very tempted to give this one a 9/10 and it may very well get there by the end of the season. Adachi and Shimamura, both the show and the couple, is taking its sweet time but I nevertheless remain enthralled by the experiences. The story and characters are so charming and earnest. The visuals are some of Tezuka Productions’ best work. The prose can be a bit dense but it is otherwise quite witty and stimulating. About the only thing I don’t get is the inclusion of Yashiro. Halfway through and I have no idea what’s she doing here.

#2. Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club

Current Score: 8/10

Episodes Seen: 7 out of 13

Can’t exactly compare to the original or Sunshine!! (my familiarity with Love Live! comes more from the mobile game) but I’m really enjoying Nijigasaki on its own merit. It’s cute, funny, and very well-paced. I especially adore the individuality expressed in the characters’ idol personas…even if their musical performances seem to exist in their own plane of reality.

#3. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III

Current Score: 8/10

Episodes Seen: 7 out of 12

Feels very similar to Season 2 in how it expands upon the mythology and puts Bell in a situation that greatly challenges his ideals. I was a little worried that would make Season 3 a bit repetitive but it surprisingly hasn’t and it remains as consistently good as any mainline season of DanMachi. It does however share the same flaw as Season 2 which is that the villains are woefully lame.

#4. Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle

Current Score: 8/10

Episodes Seen: 6 out of 12

A surprise favorite of mine. I thought for sure the premise would eventually get old but it’s somehow managed to keep things varied and hilarious with each and every episode so far. Also, Inori Minase is perfectly casted as Princess Syalis.

#5. Is the Order a Rabbit? BLOOM

Current Score: 7/10

Episodes Seen: 6 out of 12

Hardly my favorite CGDCT series but still a good one. Gochiusa remains as funny and even a bit endearing as ever. I want to say this season has more of a plot going on as it does some really interesting stuff with Chino but that could entirely be wishful thinking on my part.

#6. Tonikawa: Over the Moon For You

Current Score: 7/10

Episodes Seen: 7 out of 12

By default, Tonikawa is a breath of fresh air. There are simply not enough romcom anime that get past the “will they, won’t they?” stage. Even that aside, it’s simply a good show. The setup is abrupt and goofy but the show impressively uses that it to its advantage as it has Nasa and Tsukasa figure out their marriage and meditate on their feelings towards one another. Surprisingly, it’s the humor that’s a little inconsistent, especially whenever Chitose appears onscreen.

#7. Noblesse

Current Score: 7/10

Episodes Seen: 6

Had a rough start with Noblesse due to the first episode assuming you’ve seen the 2016 OVA (which I didn’t at first). After that hiccup though, I’ve been enjoying my time with this series. Truth be told, I still don’t know what the plot is. Something about pseudo vampires and genetically modified humans. I think what’s kept me watching Noblesse is how well it humanizes its heroes and empathize their lives outside of the conspiracies and action.

#8. Jujutsu Kaisen

Current Score: 7/10

Episodes Seen: 7 out of 24

I wouldn’t exactly say I’m boarding the Jujutsu Kaisen hype train but it doesn’t surprise me it’s doing well with audiences and I do think it’s pretty good. The mythology is pretty interesting and MAPPA is absolutely killing it with the visuals.

#9. Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina

Current Score: 7/10

Episodes Seen: 7 out of 12

Really grappled with the rank and score on this one. I really enjoyed the premiere but since then, I’ve gradually been liking Wandering Witch less and less as time goes on (which probably shows in my episode reviews). The two most recent episodes were especially weak and I can see the score dipping to a 6/10 if the trend keeps going. That also kind of makes me less thrilled to keep covering the show in episode reviews (and honestly, I kind of want to use that time for something else).

#10. D4DJ First Mix

Current Score: 6/10

Episodes Seen: 3

Still too early to make a decision so D4DJ First Mix gets a pass in the midseason. The animation can be an eyesore at times but the show is otherwise carried by its charming cast and catchy soundtrack.

#11. Healin’ Good Pretty Cure

Current Score: 6/10

Episodes Seen: 32

Finally stopped handing the spotlight over to the new Cure though I can’t say the show has picked up from there. The biggest deterrent are the villains. I just don’t find them at interesting or entertaining. One particular twist involving one of the villains was also just plain weird. I kind of feel bad putting Healin’ Good this low though there’s stiff competition this season and I must admit that I haven’t been digging the show all that much lately.

#12. The Day I Became a God

Current Score: 6/10

Episodes Seen: 6 out of 12

Affinity towards Key dies hard for me so I remain committed to seeing The Day I Became a God. That doesn’t make it any harder to sit through the series. The plot is vaguely defined and aimless. The comedy has been hit or miss. Most importantly, I find Yota and Hina rather annoying which is going to be problem when the show inevitably gets Key’s classic emotional rollercoaster treatment. That said, the stuff with Izanami is pretty good and the show’s presentation is superb (with P.A. Works and Jun Maeda, that much is certain).

#13. One Room (Season 3)

Current Score: 6/10

Episodes Seen: 6

The episodes are short and this far in, I might as well keep watching. One Room a guilty pleasure through and through. I ended up not finding Akira’s arc half-bad; it actually had more going for it than I expected. The fact that Natsuki and Minori only get one episode is pretty disappointing (and I don’t even like Natsuki). Perhaps One Room should’ve just stuck with three girls as usual.


  1. Akudama Drive (Ep. 5)
  2. Anime KAPIBARASAN (Ep. 3)
  3. Assault Lily: Bouquet (Ep. 6)
  4. By the Grace of the Gods (Ep. 2)
  5. Dogeza: I Tried Asking While Kowtowing (Ep. 1)
  6. Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai (Ep. 2)
  7. Dropout Idol Fruit Tart (Ep. 4)
  8. EAGLE TALON ~Golden Spell~ (Ep. 1)
  9. The Gymnastics Samurai (Ep. 2)
  10. Higurashi: When They Cry – NEW (Ep. 2)
  11. HYPNOSISMIC – Division Rap Battle – Rhyme Anima (Ep. 1)
  12. I’m Standing on a Million Lives (Ep. 1)
  13. Ikebukuro West Gate Park (Ep. 2)
  14. Iwakakeru -Sports Climbing Girls (Ep. 6)
  15. King’s Raid: Successors of the Wild (Ep. 1)
  16. Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear (Ep. 2)
  17. Maesetsu! Opening Act (Ep. 1)
  19. Moriarty the Patriot (Ep. 4)
  20. Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World (Ep. 3)
  21. Rail Romanesque (Ep. 3)
  22. Talentless Nana (Ep. 4)
  23. That is the Bottleneck (Ep. 1)
  24. Warlords of Sigrdrifa (Ep. 4)
  25. With a Dog AND a Cat, Every Day is Fun (Ep. 7)

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2 thoughts on “Fall 2020 Midseason Rankings

  1. I guess I just don’t see how the main characters in Tonikawa are actually past the “will they or won’t they” stage. Only in anime could characters get married and the possibility of actually sleeping together not really ever cross their minds.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. By “will they or won’t they”, I just mean that the story doesn’t revolve around whether or not the characters hook up and get past the dating phase. There is certainly an uncertainty as to how well the marriage will go.


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