Here Lies Xeno’s Hopes and Dreams – December 2020 Edition

Goodness, just one month until this insane year is over. Anyway, I don’t have a whole lot to say for this month but announcements are still announcements so here you go.

Scheduled Posts

  • 12/14 to 12/28 – Laid-Back Camp (Season 1) Episode Re-Reviews
  • 12/15 – Winter 2021 Season Preview
  • 12/31 – Fall 2020 Final Rankings
  • Every Saturday (ending on 12/26) – Adachi and Shimamura Episode Review
  • Every Sunday – Granbelm Episode Review

Seasonal Episode Reviews

As you can tell from the schedule, I’m still committed to reviewing Adachi and Shimamura. Even caught up during Thanksgiving break so unless something comes up, I should release the last four episode reviews on a Saturday as planned. Also, I realized I have not made an archive page so I’ll get cracking at that ASAP.

Wandering Witch & Love Live! – Despite what I planned last month, I don’t think I’ll be covering more of either Wandering Witch or Love Live!. Believe me, that was a tough decision (well, for Love Live! at least) but there were some factors I had to consider. One, I have my job as per usual. Two, I have the Laid-Back Camp re-reviews to write this month and I don’t want to juggle between that and a bunch of other shows like I did with Princess Principal (I’m surprised I pulled it off with PriPri). Third, the watch list is packed this month. Aside from the Fall 2020 season, there’s some Winter 2020 series I want to finish as well as some backlogged series I’m trying since their respective sequels are premiering next season. All things considered, something sadly had to go.

Miscellaneous Episode Reviews

As mentioned in the schedule, Laid-Back Camp Season 1 re-reviews are set for December 14 to December 28. Again, the reason why it’s a 15 day span is because I’m including the Season 1 OVAs in there. This probably goes without saying but I don’t plan on re-reviewing Room Camp as that’s obviously way too soon to do so and I’m pretty content with how those posts came out. I might check for grammar and I don’t think I ever changed the screencaps for my review of the Shimarin special like I said I do but that’d be it. This and PriPri are the only two series I strongly wanted a do-over though I won’t say this is the last time I’ll redo a series of episode reviews. You never know.

As for Granblem, my original plan with those reviews was to crank them out whenever time allows but that ran into the usual potential of there being large gaps in time between posts. Luckily, I spent part of my Thanksgiving break to crank out two posts. I’m hoping to get to Episode 4 or 5 this week but after that, I plan on reviewing the show weekly every Sunday. Going weekly does mean I won’t be done until January or possibly even February which isn’t exactly what I originally had in mind but I’d rather have a consistent output than go on and off.

Winter 2021

Kind of starting with next season, I plan on scaling down from three to two shows for episode reviews. I say “kind of” because Granblem will likely bleed into January and/or February but as far as new picks go, it’ll only be two. Five will always be my preferred number but it’s just not feasible with work going on. Three is still manageable but it still gets tricky should I ever fall behind and that then just keeps me occupied with only the episode reviews. Hopefully, I can compensate with other kinds of content.

For the record, I already have my two picks for next season. One is an actual Winter 2021 anime while another is a 2011 anime that’ll be having its 10th anniversary in January. Some of you can probably take a good guess what these two are.

There are other plans but I think I’ll save sharing those for next month as I’m still weighing over them.

Thanks for reading!

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