Adachi and Shimamura – Ep. 11

Even though the last episode ends with Adachi deciding to approach Shimamura herself, that’s bound to have been a process in and of itself. I’m glad then that this episode starts off switching to her perspective and showing said process. Evidently, Adachi was hoping for Shimamura to seek her out, even waiting at their usual spot from the previous school year. Unsurprisingly, given the events of last episode and this is Shimamura we’re talking about, that expectation does get met. Another complication arises when a third-year student (that has to be Kana Hanazawa) decides to take the hiding spot for herself (she apologizes for intruding though Adachi relents since her plan isn’t working anyway).

A major push for Adachi is when she comes across a fortune teller by chance. I don’t know what it is with Adachi and divination but this is evidently a trend now. At least this fortune teller seems much more helpful than the horoscope program, convincing Adachi that her love life will continue to stagnate unless she makes the change herself. She even also Adachi into loudly declaring her resolve; though unnecessary and embarrassing, it proves to a helpful exercise to make Adachi feel less uncomfortable with her new plan.

With that, we return to the present with Adachi seeking out Shimamura during class. It’s a bit awkward having her sit on the same chair as Shimamura, in front of the her friend’s fake pals no less, but awkwardly going about things is how Adachi has always operated. Considering this is the first time they’ve hung out in a while, Adachi is very upfront about her feelings towards Shimamura – holding her hand, hugging in her private, telling her that she’s the best friend she could have. It’s clear that Adachi doesn’t want to go through a “falling out” ever again.

I have a last minute concern about how much Adachi cherishes Shimamura. It’s less that Shimamura is the only one Adachi considers a friend, if she’s content with that kind of social life then so be it, and more that it’s specifically and only Shimamura that Adachi wants to be with (in any capacity). For now, Shimamura is giving her company as well as inadvertently validate her feelings. At the same time however, she’s not one to commit to any kind of meaningful relationship and Adachi is more or less asking for one. After eleven episodes where Shimamura remains the same in this regard, it’s hard not to feel concerned with where this girl will take things between her and Adachi.

Once more, there’s still Tarumi to consider. In this episode, there’s a scene where she and Adachi finally meet, albeit by chance and without Shimamura present (which is extremely deliberate). The story is clearly gearing up towards something. I’ve been thinking a bit more on Tarumi and while her being so similar to Adachi makes her less unique, I do see one way in which that might work in the show’s favor. Thing is, Adachi wants to be someone special to Shimamura. Imagine how she’ll react if/when she finds out that Shimamura has another friend who’s just like her.

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