Here Lies Xeno’s Hopes and Dreams – January 2021 Edition

New month, new year. Lots of hopes and dreams to share this time around so let’s jump into it.

Scheduled Posts

  • 1/7 – Winter 2021 First Impressions Part 1
  • 1/14 – Winter 2021 First Impressions Part 2
  • Every Thursday (starting at 1/7) – Puella Magi Madoka Magica Episode Review
  • Every Saturday (starting at 1/9) – Laid-Back Camp Episode Review

Seasonal Editorials

Missed the original 12/31 deadline for the Fall 2020 Final Rankings. It’s the usual excuse of work keeping me busy and tired from catching up. I’m actually very close to rounding out the watch list but that kept me preoccupied from writing the actual rankings post so I decided to delay the post. I’m giving myself a couple more days before I drop the towel and just rank whatever anime I finished.

I’d love to do a Top 20 list for 2020 but like with previous years, there’s some backlogged shows I want to get to first before I feel comfortable with my list. I’m really close though so I’m hoping to get a list out by in March. Before the list, I will post an editorial ranking all the shows that I caught up on. Otherwise, it’ll simply happen someday…just like the Top 20 lists for 2017-2019…

As for this Winter 2021 season, I’m changing things up a bit. In lieu of writing a bunch of First Impressions posts and sharing a brief update on the watch list overall, I’ll instead be doing two First Impressions posts covering all the premieres I see, one for each of the first two weeks of the season. I’ve done similar kinds of posts in the past but I did away with it as I wanted to be cover shows more individually and extensively. Why the change back? A couple reasons:

  1. Writing First Impressions is tiring
  2. I stopped trying to cover every premiere for most of the past seasons
  3. Some premieres aren’t worth the time to cover on their own
  4. I’m thinking of putting less emphasis on them in favor of series reviews which are more definitive

That said, this change in seasonal coverage is going to be a soft transition and individual First Impressions aren’t exactly dead. I’ll technically still be writing them for any series I choose to cover in episode reviews. For a select few returning shows, I’ll give my First Impressions (more on that down below). If a premiere really is that discussion-worthy, maybe I’ll cover it on its own. And if this change doesn’t work for me, than I’ll consider going back to how I’ve covered seasonal anime before.

Anime Episode Reviews

  • Laid-Back Camp – Finished the Season 1 re-reviews although I did stop making screencaps for the sake of time so I’ll need to find the time to make up for that. The archive page also needs some work. Other than that, I’m all ready to review Season 2 this Winter season.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica – For the tenth anniversary, I’ll be covering the original Madoka TV series. Like with Angel Beats!, this is a very formative anime for me and I’ve been meaning to revisit the series anyway after the very complicated time I had with Magia Record Season 1. I’ll likely cover the film trilogy some time afterwards (I’ve actually never watched them).
  • Winter 2021 Sequels – I’ve previously covered Cells at Work!, The Promised Neverland, and The Quintessential Quintuplets but right now, it’s not set in stone I’ll cover them for a whole season again. That has less to do with my own opinions on the show and more that I have to really consider the fact that I’m busy with work. However, there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to give up so I am least going to write First Impressions for each show and leave the door open for continued coverage. Maybe if I’m really indecisive, I can hold a poll and ask for you guys’ input.
  • Winter 2021 New Shows – While I want to leave the door open for the sequels, I do need to consider the new shows as well. However, I’m honestly drawing a blank as to what would fit the bill. The only one that tempts me is Gekidol and the only reason I’d pursue covering that is if the show is absolutely insane or stupid (like, on part with Lapis Re:LiGHTs).
  • Granbelm – Wanted to make more progress in December but I didn’t have the time for that due to work and my top priorities being Laid-Back Camp and Adachi and Shimamura. And right now, there’s finishing Fall 2020 and starting Winter 2021. After the First Impressions two-parter, I’ll think over what to do with Granbelm. Maybe I’ll cover the remainder weekly. Maybe I’ll work on it in my spare time and then post it all one post a day. We’ll see. I imagine discussing this show is super irrelevant but I do want to finish these episode reviews and I regret not covering the most out of any show I dropped coverage on.
  • Yuki Yuna is a Hero – So I completely forgot about the Yuki Yuna is a Club Member shorts which screened alongside the theatrical releases of The Washio Sumi Chapter. To be fair, I was only focused on covering the main TV series. My original plan was to cover them all in a series review since they’re not officially available for streaming or Blu-ray/DVD in the U.S. However, half of the main TV series is no longer officially available anywhere so that reasoning doesn’t apply anymore in this case. Maybe I’ll cover them in episode reviews. I mean, if I did it for Laid-Back Camp‘s short series, I might as well do it for YuYuYu‘s. Otherwise, I’ll still be covering Season 3 whenever the airs (my money is on Fall 2021).

Anime Archive

Still working on the Anime Archive and transferring some screencaps to Imgur. Before New Year’s, I finished updating my episode reviews of A Place Further than the Universe (which I have a strong urge to rewatch) and worked on Banana Fish and Iroduku. It’s an on and off process and it’s not my top priority though I would like that set of pages to stop looking so incomplete.

Thanks for reading!

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