The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady – Ep. 4

Please excuse the bullet point/Quickie format. I’m always hesitant to go this route (hell, I haven’t done it in a long while) but I rather not fall too far behind on the one seasonal show I’m covering right now so screw it, let’s do it this way for a bit. Anyway…

  • This episode takes place right after the end of the third episode, right after Euphie admits to a sleeping Anis that she envies her. For a second, I thought Anis might’ve heard Euphie the whole time but evidently, she was sound asleep (though Anis does learn the truth soon enough).
  • Euphie gets the deadliest disease in anime, the common cold, presumably due to stress and restlessness caused by recent events. Anis opts to nurse her back to health. I half-expected Anis to pull out a magicology-based thermometer.
  • While resting, Euphie admits to Anis that she envies her. Good for her. I was afraid that she would keep it to herself for an episode or two.
  • Euphie asks Anis to command her to do something. Anything. It would not surprise me if the doujin artists make wild interpretations of this scene.
    • Joking aside, this really shows how desperate Euphie is to have some sort of direction in life. I like Anis’s response, assuring Euphie that they’ll come up with something together.
  • Speaking of doujin bait, this show really had me thinking that Anis and Euphie was going to kiss. I have to hand it to the animators, that’s some good “camera” trickery. Still, what a tease.
  • Ilia is proving to be a great third wheel in the main cast. She’s loyal to Anis but she’s also quite blunt towards the princess. She figures out and is understanding of Euphie’s dilemma, having been in a similar situation in the past.
    • Unlike Euphie however, it seems like Ilia is very estranged with her folks.
    • I want a flashback scene or episode showing Ilia’s past though the exposition here is fine.
  • Forgot to mention in the Episode 1 review but yeah, Anis is a member of the atypical Adventurer’s Guild, a very high ranking one at that. Makes sense. It fits with her personality and as Anis points out, she needs rare materials from monsters for her research and she could always use the money.
    • Honestly, I’m surprised there’s no off-hand comment from Anis that she’s an adventurer because that stuff is from a light novel or a video game she enjoyed in her past life. The isekai part of this show feels so buried, even by isekai standards.
  • Anis gets called by the guild to help fight a dragon and a stampede of other monsters. A bit cold of Anis to only care about the potential spoils and brush off the potential for civilian casualties but whatever.
  • Euphie accompanying Anis is a given though the fact that she chooses to do so of her own volition is something to note after seeing how purposeless she has been feeling lately.
  • Chuckled at the part where the court of nobles considers building a line of defenses and King Orfans immediately points out that dragons can fly. It’d be funny if the king and Grantz are the only competent people running the country.
  • Algard, who has been on house arrest after publicly denouncing Euphie (and I forgot to mention that in the last episode review, oops), offers to confront the dragon. The prince insists that he wants to prove himself and to get his marriage with Lainie approved in return but I don’t know. I can’t help but think there might be another motive. Even Orfans is a bit put off by his son’s conviction.
  • Very funny how Algard is about to get what he wants and then word breaks out that Anis and Euphie have flown off to fight the dragon. I hope Anis stealing her brother’s thunder is always going to be a thing in this show.

Watch The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady on Crunchyroll and VRV (via Crunchyroll).

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