The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady – Ep. 5

Another quickie:

  • The episode is pretty much Anis and Euphie teaming up against the dragon.
  • In a flashback scene, Anis elaborates that she hopes to collect the dragon’s magicite, a magical material dropped by monsters), so that she can implant it in her body and give herself magical powers. I can’t help but feel this fantastical form of genetic splicing could go horribly wrong but then again, Anis is a mad scientist so I guess it checks out.
    • Now that I think about it, Anis’s situation perfectly contrasts with Euphie. Anis lacks magical powers and she goes out of her to way to obtain them in some way. Euphie is a talented mage but she begins the story with a lack of purpose.
    • As if the splicing wasn’t questionable enough, Anis also reveals in this episode that she powers herself with mana by taking drugs. Again, what could possibly go wrong?
  • I think Anis is mixing up “magician” and “hero” but it’s nice to know that she’s fighting the dragon to keep it from harming others. She’s not just in it for the loot.
  • While seeing Anis fight the dragon, Euphie seemingly finds herself a purpose, at least for now, and that’s staying by Anis’s side. I suppose she was already contracted to do so as the princess’s assistant but she’s clearly more willing and determined than before.
  • There’s a little bit of strategy in which Anis and Euphie deduce the dragon’s wings to be its weakness (and that is pretty clever) but yeah, the action does boil down to Anis hitting the dragon really hard. I guess I don’t mind it as we kind of needed a real showcase of how powerful Anis’s tools are (the fight scene in the premiere was really just a teaser).
  • Very wise to keep Anis at the forefront even when Euphie decides to help her. In fact, Euphie largely takes on a supportive role despite having a couple of offensive spells up her sleeve. Again, it’s important to show the strength of Anis’s inventions so it’s best to have her deal the major blows against the dragon. Meanwhile, having Euphie act as support helps illustrate her loyalty and protectiveness towards Anis.
  • I was 50/50 on whether or not the dragon has a human form. When you’ve been a weeb for so long, you have to consider that as a possibility.
  • I am curious as to what exactly the dragon gives to Anis after she defeats it. The only hint it gives is that the reward is a “curse”.
  • I expected Algard to steal Anis’s kill and claim the spoils for himself. Hilariously, the prince is nowhere to be found, as if he just gave up on the plan once he heard what his sister is up to.
  • Hard to believe that Euphie attends the victory party and no one gossips behind her back about the canceled engagement with Algard and the allegations against her. To be fair, she still feels awkward being there.
  • Now Euphie, you just told Anis that you want to be with her, repay your debt to her, and protect her and now, you’re ending the night by sharing a dance with her. Are you sure you’re not in love with her?

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