The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady – Ep. 6

It’s been a while since I last blogged about The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady. Sorry about that (as always…). At the time of writing this post, the show is almost done airing so I definitely need to catch up, either to finish the show on time or have less to watch if this ends up becoming a part of my rabbit hole of a backlog. I could’ve written this in bullet point like with Episodes 4 and 5 to speed things up but I don’t know, I wanted to wing it less for the halfway point. Taking a long time to get this episode however wasn’t part of the plan. Again, sorry about that.

Last episode had Anis and Euphie killing a dragon and obtaining its magicite from its remains. Anis’s ulterior motive for fighting the dragon is to implant its magicite into herself. How exactly Anis planned on doing so was kept vague and she seemingly didn’t think that far ahead so you’re kind of left to your imagination in between episodes. As it turns out, Anis doesn’t actually have to literally put the magicite into her own body. Thanks to the dragon’s “curse”, Anis has learned that she can turn the magicite into a tattoo on her back, thereby allowing her to safely uses its power. Anis presents this idea to Tilty, who researches curses and agrees to apply the tattoo for her.

On one hand, this is a huge breakthrough for Anis’s research and it opens the door for her to use magic without the aid of her gadgets. On the other, this all feels too easy. I just can’t help but think there might be some sort of catch to the tattoo, like it might slowly corrupt Anis’s body or something. Also, I can’t help but ponder on the idea of the tattoo being the curse left by the dragon. I suppose Anis is cursed with knowledge though it’s hard to consider it a curse if there’s no established drawback so far, hence why I think one might exist.

Regarding Tilty, the show briefly goes over her backstory. Basically, she has access to magic but she can’t use it properly and the damage she caused with her abilities made her an outcast in society. Her research in curses, which the show establishes as maladies that can’t be cured with medicine or magic, is inspired by her past experiences with magic. While Tilty and Anis appear to be friends, I do wonder if the former has an ulterior motive for helping the latter with her research. Maybe Tilty is hoping to eventually find something out of Anis’s research that’ll help her stabilize her condition. Come to think of it, the magic tattoo could fit the bill. To be bad, there doesn’t seem to be enough magicite to go around. Mind you, this is all speculation on my part.

Right before Tilty paints the tattoo on Anis’s back, the princess is asked ahead of time by the main castle to join them in their investigation of the incident involving Euphie and Algard. Also now present for the investigation is Anis and Algard’s mother, Queen Sylphine (Sachiko Kojima), who has apparently returned to Palettia after some diplomatic work. Sylphine’s introduction is pretty amusing as Anis appears to be more afraid of her mother than her father. Considering that Orfans is willing to use physical force to scold Anis, I have to wonder how Sylphine treads her kids. At the very least, she does seem to possess less of a temper than her husband so I kind of see how Anis finds her more intimidating.

Orfans and Grantz appear to have made some progress with the investigation offscreen. They’ve concluded that Euphie is completely innocent from all the allegations Algard threw at her but they also noticed that everyone they’ve interviewed are sympathetic towards Lainie. Curious as to why, they decide alongside Sylphine to summon Lainie and her father, a baron named Dragus (Motoki Sakuma), to the royal castle for an interview. Anis decides to do some investigating herself and questions one of Algard’s friends, only to discover that he doesn’t remember the incident at all. I find it weird that Orfans and Grantz didn’t run into this peculiarity and Anis has to find out on her own but putting that aside, it’s clear that there is something odd regarding the incident.

The next day, Lainie and Dragus appear before the royal family as well as Grantz and the minister of magic, Count Chartreuse (Wataru Tsuyuzaki). Lainie insists that she’s innocent and she has no romantic feelings towards Algard. Having Anis present at the interview proves to be a smart move as while everyone believes Lainie’s testimony, Anis notices something is off thanks to her new tattoo. Anis decides to examine Lainie in private. I don’t know why Anis had to touch Lainie’s breasts for the examination. She is the expert her so maybe she had to do it. It could also just be her perving out.

Joking aside, Anis does figure out what exactly is going on with Lainie. It turns out that Lainie has the subconscious ability to charm people and make them infatuated with her. This explains why everyone who has been interviewed are sympathetic towards Lainie and why they might forget siding with her during the incident. Since Lainie has no control over this ability, Anis requests to her parents that Lainie should move in at her place so that she help Lainie in mastering it. While the request is approved, Sylphine is quick to point out that having Lainie live with Anis’s villa is going to be awkward, given that Euphie is also living there. I’m inclined to agree with the queen. About the only thing that could make things more awkward is if Lainie develops feelings for Anis. Who knows, this is a yuri show. I can see a love triangle brewing.

Lainie moving in could easily be the hook for the next episode though this one does have one more up its sleeve. Chartreuse reveals to Algard that Lainie’s ability has been discovered, which is peculiar as Anis only shares the info with her parents, and Algard decides he needs to step up his plans. It appears that Algard has been aware of Lainie’s ability from the start and has been using it for his own gain. I can’t say I’m surprised that Algard is the apparent antagonist of this story though I am curious as to why he’s taking advantage of Lainie. It’s been mentioned in Episode 4 that Anis actually remains the favorite to inherit the throne but even so, Anis has no interest in the throne and Algard is the expected heir. The boy is going to be king so for that to not be good enough for him, he must really paranoid and hungry for power. No doubt, those qualities will inevitably be his downfall.

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