The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady – Ep. 7

As set up in the last episode, Lainie moves into Anis’s place and she is now living with Anis, Euphie, and Ilya. Having Lainie and Euphie under the same roof is initially awkward though it doesn’t last as long as you might think. In fact, the two reconcile within the very first episode of the series. I find it odd that no one considers the possibility of Euphie accepting Lainie’s apology because of Lainie’s power but to be fair, it’s not like Euphie has any real reason to hold a grudge against Lainie. Lainie was Algard’s pawn in his scheme to break up with Euphie and not that she necessarily needs it but she does have Anis backing up her testimony. Euphie ought to forgive and befriend Lainie from the get go. Honestly, I’d rather have this immediate conclusion than have the show play it out for the sake of drama.

The following day, Anis takes Lainie to Tilty for examination. With a forbidden textbook loaned to her by Anis, Tilty deduces that Lainie can charm people because she is actually a vampire. With Tilty’s help, Lainie unlocks the ability to control her charm ability though this causes more vampirism to surface such as red eyes, fangs, and most notably a thirst for blood. Both Lainie and Euphie offer their blood to quench Lainie’s craving though Lainie declines given their status and the potential for gossip. This leaves the duty of being the blood donor to Ilya. I’m curious if this interaction will be expanded upon down the line. Thing is, Lainie doesn’t have a lot to do now, what with her taking refuge at Anis’s place and the mystery of her condition fully resolved. Having her bond with Ilya, be it platonically or even romantically, will give her something to do.

While working with Anis, Tilty notices Euphie looking envious of her. Tilty decides to then discuss Euphie’s feelings towards Anis in private. Tilty doesn’t explicitly ask Euphie if she is in love with Anis but she does ask the noblewoman how seriously she views herself as the princess’s assistant. As Tilty points out, Euphie’s reputation has been fully restored due to her part in the dragon fight and the royal family’s investigation into Algard’s allegations. At this point, the only incentive Euphie has with working with Anis is simply wanting to do so but that then begs the question of how far that interest will go. Obviously, it’s safe to assume that Euphie would ultimately decide support Anis in her endeavor. Still, it is smart of the show to re-affirm this given that the status quo has indeed changed. Fortunately, it doesn’t take too long for this to be resolved.

For the third act of the episode, Anis is called upon by the Ministry of the Arcane, led by Chartreuse, to give a lecture on her magicology. For her presentation, Anis decides to present her newest concept, the “Airdra”, which is her version of the airplane and an updated take on her flying broom with the potential to be mass-produced. Anis expects things to go poorly given the ministry’s conservative nature and their predisposition towards her research but is forced to comply with the request to prevent the court from confiscating the materials dropped by the dragon. I think I said this before in a previous episode review but I’m amused that the opposition are labeled as conservatives. They’re both deeply religious and dislike scientific research. Talk about accurate!

The day is saved thanks to Euphie. Now that her reputation has been restored, Euphie proves to be invaluable for the lecture as her name alone convinces many members of the ministry to hear her out. Euphie also says all the right things during the lecture. She creates a strong hook by acknowledging the broom’s impracticality before unveiling the Aidra’s schematic and explaining the evolution of Anis’s research. She appeals to the conservatives’ economical interests (again, talk about accurate) by bringing up that the Aidra could vastly improve Palettia’s transportation network. She acknowledges the ministry’s reverence towards the spirits, the source of magic in the world, and their concern that Anis’s research is sacrilegious before respectfully countering that notion that Anis studies magicology because she herself loves magic. All things considered, it’s a darn good speech that’s both persuasive and articulate.

More importantly, Euphie’s speech answers the question Tilty asks her earlier in the episode. By speaking up in front of the Ministry of the Arcane, Euphie shows that she wants to fully support Anis, even going as far as risk her newfound reputation to realize the princess’s dream. Also worth noting is that Anis is the one depending on Euphie this time around. Save for the dragon fight, it has mostly been Euphie getting help from Anis. Nowadays however, it appears that the situation is reversing, which is good as that means the relationship between these two is becoming less one-sided.

Considering the ending of the last episode, I was expecting Algard to show up during the lecture. Honestly, I’m convinced the whole thing is his idea, maybe as a ploy to get the dragon materials that he wanted to get before Anis and Euphie stole the kill. However, the prince makes no appearance in this episode. He’ll probably show up in the next one but even so, I find it funny how the show keeps hyping him up as its big bad and yet, his screentime has been rather inconsistent.

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