Title: Dororo
Studio: MAPPA, Tezuka Productions
Episodes: 24
Streaming: Amazon
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | Anime News Network | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

dororo ep. 1-6Episode 1

It’s not everyday you see a new anime based on a manga by the God of Manga himself.

dororo ep. 2-4Episode 2

What will really keep Dororo afloat as a series is the quality of the chemistry between its two leads.

dororo ep. 3-3Episode 3

Let this episode be a testament to how taking liberties with the source material can pay off big time.

Dororo Ep. 4-5Episode 4 

It feels refreshingly exhilarating seeing Hyakkimaru fight a human for a change.

Dororo Ep. 5-2Episode 5

As Hyakkimaru regains what makes him human physically, he also becomes more in touch with what makes him human emotionally.

Dororo Ep. 6-5Episode 6

Awaken the demon inside…

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