Restaurant to Another World – Ep. 4

I’m growing to really enjoy Restaurant to Another World‘s narrative format. So far, every character and their respective vignette has been a joy to watch and rarely feel too similar with one another.

But I don’t think we’ve seen a customer as strange as the lizardman warrior, Gaganpo. Good Lord, was his vignette something. Not only has Gaganpo’s village built a shrine around a door to Nekoya and send Gaganpo there to get takeout omelette rice, but the whole story is presented like it’s a nature documentary. There’s even a narrator to describe the lizard people’s society, culture, and their weekly omelette rice festival to great detail. Just seeing lizard people goggle over omelette rice was enough but the narration pushes the amusement even further. It might bore some viewers but I thought it was hilarious. I wonder if Tenshu even knows that these people are worshiping his restaurant. Given his casual attitude to everything, he probably wouldn’t bat an eye though.

There was simply no way Fardania’s vignette could top Gaganpo’s but it was still pretty entertaining. I don’t know why but it was really funny seeing an elf act so convinced that a human couldn’t possibly cook for an obviously vegan diet. I just love her shock that Tenshu actually fulfilled her request but then again, I do wonder why Nekoya doesn’t have vegan meals listed in the menu. Geez, what would happen if someone asked for a gluten-free meal? But my biggest takeaway from Fardania’s little adventure to Nekoya is probably the fact that she is now inspired to one day cook a better meal than Tenshu. It’s obviously a big dream (unless elvish magic is the equivalent of a modern-day stove) but it speaks to different kinds of influence Nekoya has in the other world. Some people are simply there for good food but others are attracted to it for business, nostalgia, and inspiration.

I’ve pretty much covered this episode but I do have one last, random thought. Will there ever been a time where one of the customers decides to try something other than their regular meal? We saw something like that very briefly in the first episode but that resulted in a brief fight. It has become increasingly apparent that everyone is content with the one meal they order every week. No wonder “Gandalf” nicknames people after their choice of dish. Surely, someone will eventually get tired of eating the same thing every week. I wouldn’t mind it if, just out of the blue, one customer decides to try something else and it’s treated liked some dramatic plot twist.

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