Princess Principal – Ep. 3 (Original)

I half-expected Episode 3 to skip time again but as it turns out, it’s a direct continuation of Episode 2. It’s even reflected in the Case #s (which I neglected to mention last post…). Maybe Ep. 1 being Case 13 was just a one-off thing but we won’t really know until the full episode list is revealed. I wouldn’t mind it though if, out of nowhere, the next episode is labelled Case 47.

Episode 3 starts off with a continuation of Ange and Princess’s (Charlotte’s) reunion. Something I noticed was that there is no direct confirmation if Ange is the real Princess. Maybe the show is still trying to hide things but it’d be weird if Ange isn’t royalty. Otherwise, why would Princess even hide the fact that she is the real Ange? I think the more important detail, however, is the fact that Princess genuinely meant it when she said she wants to become the queen. I was under the impression that it was all part of the ruse the girls are pulling but this is as big of a shock to Ange as it is to us. Can’t say I blame Ange for feeling a bit frustrated. She apparently had a perfect escape plan and her best friend(?) wants to throw that out the window. But if the two do succeed in making Princess the queen then their lives would be a lot easier in the long run.

After that scene, the episode shifts the spotlight over to Beatrice and I think it was about time we got to her character. When I started the show, I looked at Beatrice and I couldn’t help but ask, “how did she become a spy?”. She just seems like the kind of spy who would fluctuate between “I can do this!” and “Dear God, why did I agree to this?!”. This episode pretty much confirms that she joins rather reluctantly since Princess is all for helping Ange and Dorothy steal printing plates from a plane. Poor Beatrice naturally has to be there to make sure Ange isn’t putting Princess in danger. We also find out how she can impersonate voices and, yeah, that was a lot more messed up than I expected. I freaked out a bit the second Beatrice’s voice started to make static noises and seeing someone that innocent-looking fix her mechanical throat with pliers was getting uncomfortable. At least Beatrice can put it to good use, like when she saves Ange from getting caught by soldiers by impersonating the agent they’re protecting.

Knowing that Ange and Princess’s real identities sure messes with how I interpret Beatrice’s chemistry with the two. Beatrice certainly catches on that Ange and Charlotte do look alike (they’re of similar height and have the same eye color). It doesn’t seem like she’s deduced the secret but she has figured out that Ange cares an awful lot for Princess. I can’t help but feel there is some double meaning going on when Beatrice discusses her friendship with Princess to Ange. When she and Ange skydive out of the plane together and Beatrice proclaims her loyalty and adoration to Princess, it felt like she was also unintentionally devoting trust and loyalty to Ange (the real Charlotte) as well. I do wonder how she would react if she knew the truth. And if Ange really is royalty, that would especially throw Beatrice’s world upside down.

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