Princess Principal

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Episode 1

Time to get across the wall again.

Episode 2

Clever girl.

Episode 3

Of all the characters in this show, Beatrice is the one it needs to justify her being a spy the most.

Episode 4

Lying and friendship usually don’t go hand in hand.

Episode 5

A samurai joining a team of English spies does sound awesome.

Episode 6

Forget the serial killer, this laundry mill is in dire need of a makeover.

Episode 7

Team White Pigeon sure has a lot of daddy issues.

Episode 8

Studying abroad is just as important as spying abroad.

Episode 9

“The Princess and the Pickpocket”

Episode 10

Friendship is a tricky element in this series.

Episode 11

Sometimes, not killing your friends isn’t so easy.

Episode 12

This finale gets the job done but I’m glad to see this series be continued because it deserves it.

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