Princess Principal

Title: Princess Principal
Studios: 3Hz, Actasis
Officially Available On: AmazonHIDIVE

First(ish) Impressions – Episodes 1 & 2 (Cases 13 & 1)

Date: 7/16/2017
Excerpt: Princess Principal has cute girls but they’re not exactly doing cute things…

Episode 3 (Case 2)

Date: 7/23/2017
 Beatrice seems like the kind of spy who would fluctuate between “I can do this!” and “Dear God, why did I agree to this?!”

Episode 4 (Case 9)

Date: 8/1/2017
Excerpt: Forget Ange, I think everyone has an issue with being honest.

Episode 5 (Case 7)

Date: 8/7/2017
Excerpt: We “finally” got our samurai in Team Name in Progress.

Episode 6 (Case 18)

Date: 8/22/2017
Excerpt: Team White Pigeon sure has a lot of daddy issues…

Episode 7 (Case 16)

Date: 8/25/2017
Excerpt: Forget the serial killer, let’s watch Team White Pigeon go Extreme Makeover on this laundry mill.

Episode 8 (Case 20)

Date: 8/28/2017
Excerpt: Once upon a time, there was a princess and a pickpocket….

Episode 9 (Case 11)

Date: 9/4/2017
Excerpt: Studying abroad is just as important as spying abroad.

Episode 10 (Case 22)

Date: 9/13/2017
Excerpt: Friendships sure die hard in Princess Principal.

Episode 11 (Case 23)

Date: 9/18/2017
Excerpt: Geez, I didn’t realize not killing your friends was this difficult!

Episode 12 (Case 24) (END)

Date: 9/26/2017
Excerpt: In the end, friendship is the real winner in Princess Principal.


Date: 11/1/2017 | Updated: 12/17/2017
Excerpt: My time with Team White Pigeon isn’t over just yet.

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