Blend S – Ep. 5

Note: This episode was originally reviewed alongside Episode 4. However, my thoughts on each episode was divided into separate sections so I later decided to make them separate posts.

Not going to lie, I was a little bummed out that Miu is only in this episode for like 30 seconds. That aside, this is yet another entertaining episode of Blend S.

I’m still a little wary about shipping Maika with Dino but with every new episode, I’ve been finding myself more okay with this possibility. It helps that as attracted as Dino is to Maika, he does pretty tamed stuff around her such as gifting hair treatment to her and escorting her to the train station when it’s pouring. Blend S has been walking a very fine line with this pairing but so far, I’ve yet to see it cross it.

There’s some shipping material with Kaho and Akizuki as the two end up trapped in the break room together. Again, I think the show needs to be a bit careful with this kind of material but there is potential in pairing our two socially-awkward otakus. I do admit that it is very funny seeing the two get in a somewhat intimate moment only for them to both lose their minds and instead scream for someone to unlock the door.

The next day, we find out Maika has gotten sick from the rain (the #1 cause of all anime common colds) so Kaho, Mafuyu, and Dino decide to pay her a visit. There, they meet Maika’s older brother Koichi (Shinki Sato) and older sister Aika (Rei Matsuzaki). Personally, I think this is the highlight of Episode 5. It’s very entertaining to find out that unintentional sadism kind of just runs in the Sakuranomiya family. Dino gets the brunt of Maika’s brother and sister’s breed of hospitality, complete with dozens of flavors of tea and super hard rice cookies. It also doesn’t help that Maika’s siblings assume Dino is their sister’s boyfriend so the poor manage gets subjected to a lengthy interrogation. This naturally angers Maika who is, evidently, the one true sadist in this family. I love the little Terminator eyes drawn on Maika on this scene. It’s cute but it really drives home that the air gets heavier when Maika does actually get sadistic. Moral of the story: don’t ever piss off Maika. Ever.

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