Blend S – Ep. 10

Note: This episode was originally reviewed alongside Episodes 9, 11, and 12. However, my thoughts on each episode was divided into separate sections so I later decided to make them separate posts.

In this episode, Kaho desperately needs to pass a math exam so Mafuyu offers to tutor her. Prior to this episode, there hasn’t really been a subplot focused entirely on Kaho and/or Mafuyu so I welcome this episode as a nice change of pace.

Mafuyu especially shines in this episode. As entertaining as it is to see Mafuyu switch from her imouto act to her actual, soft-spoken persona, I think I love this savage temper of hers the most. The very opening scene wins me over as Mafuyu rejects a customer asking her out while staying in work mode. And throughout the rest of the episode, Mafuyu belittles Kaho’s fear of losing her video games if she fails this test and literally beats it into the latter’s head that studying is important. It’s hilariously harsh but it’s also Mafuyu’s way of showing how much she cares about Kaho as a friend. The fact that Mafuyu adjusts her work schedule for Kaho makes it evident that she’s doing this as a labor of friendship. Kaho may have a first world problem but Mafuyu is still willing to help out and seeing the former recognize and appreciate that is great.

There’s also a fun bit where Mafuyu shows off her make-up expertise with Kaho and Maika…and Akizuki. Good grief, Mafuyu made Akizuki look a decade younger after that makeover. Hearing Tatsushisa Suzuki’s voice project out of that babyish face made it even funnier.

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