Blend S – Ep. 11

Note: This episode was originally reviewed alongside Episodes 9, 10, and 12. However, my thoughts on each episode was divided into separate sections so I later decided to make them separate posts.

This episode begins with Dino and Maika heading out to the park with Owner. The two practically look like a couple with a pet dog. It’s interesting that Owner has such a strong affinity towards these two characters as his personality is a mix of both of theirs. Owner is evidently just as hopeless with females as Dino is but he also has those unintentionally menacing eyes that Maika has. It was fun seeing Owner get jealous towards Dino comfortably interacting with Maika and later sharing possibly Blend S‘s best glare scene with Maika.

Once more, Dino tries to make his feelings towards Maika more obvious to her. This time, he decides to try the good old kabedon trick though the first time he tries this, Maika doesn’t recognize the intimacy and the second time, she just gets annoyed. What the segment really nails is that while Dino flat out sucks at making Maika’s heart race, Maika is able to make Dino blush with so much ease. The bit is pretty funny but the real kicker is Maika pulling a reversal and cornering Dino herself. Drawing her face in a more shoujo art style is a nice touch too.

I also want to acknowledge the scene Akizuki and Kaho share this episode. I have been enjoying how they interact with one another these past few episodes, especially with how Akizuki acts more like tsundere can Kaho does. I initially didn’t care for Akizuki getting flustered over the size of Kaho’s breasts during the beach trip but as time goes on, he’s become more conscious of her as a person. In fact, in this episode, Akizuki realizes he accidentally hurt Kaho’s feelings and tries to apologize for it by making a parfait for her. I’ve largely focused on Maika and Dino as a pair but now, I hope Akizuki and Kaho will hook up at some point as well.

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