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I know this is kind of obvious but let me reiterate: THIS POST IS ALL ABOUT SPOILERS, specifically to Solo: A Star Wars StoryPlease do not read it if you want to go into the movie blind. For a more general and spoiler-free take on the movie, you can check out my review for Solo!

So yeah, I’m thinking of doing a spoiler post for any new movies I review from now. Ideally, I’ll try to get these kinds of posts out up to a week or two after the movie has come out. Enjoy!

Han’s Multilingual

I have to wonder how Han learned Shyriiwook in Corellia (like are there wookies at that planet or…) but it does justify Han understanding Chewie all the time. Plus, I really liked how Han and Chewie first met – just two guys agreeing to bust out of jail together, not realizing this would be a friendship of a lifetime. Learning why Chewie feels indebted to Han is one of the few worthwhile revelations in this movie.

I’m Solo, I’m Han Solo.

Apparently, Han didn’t have a surname. He was just known as Han. So when Han joins the flight academy, some recruitment comes up with his surname. Because you know, Han’s all by himself. He’s solo. GET IT? I’m sorry but that’s a really stupid explanation.

Death Here, Death There, Death Everywhere

The vast majority of Solo‘s cast dies in this movie, to the point that it seems a bit laughable. Frankly, it made it harder to feel attached to these characters knowing that they are this disposable. Qi’ra probably would’ve been killed off if the film execs didn’t feel the need to make a sequel hook (which yes, there is one, more on that later). I just get the impression that it’s to avoid viewers wondering where characters would be in the original trilogy but that just seems like a really silly reason.

I will say this: Han killing Beckett right in the middle of the latter’s big speech to save Chewie is pretty spectacular.

Enfys is an OC? OH MY GOD!

Enfys is an initial antagonist in the movie, someone who leads a group of bandits to steal supplies from the Empire….supplies that Han’s group happens to need for a job. During the final act of the movie however, we find out that Enfys is a member of the Rebel Alliance who is trying to stop the Empire and its affiliated crime syndicates from gaining more power. Knowing what it’s like to feel enslaved in the criminal underworld, Han feels sympathetic and thus decides to turn against both Vos and Beckett turning the climax of the movie.

I thought this was a decent way to turn the tables. It particularly highlights Han’s growth into a more cunning yet surprisingly noble smuggler, the kind of person we’d ultimately see in the original trilogy. What I do have a bone to pick with though is concealing Enfys’s identity with a mask with a masculine voice filter just to reveal that the bandit is actually a young woman. It’s an odd amount effort amounting to a reveal that doesn’t work since Enfys is an entirely original character and not someone from the movies or even the original Expanded Universe that’d really shock people. It’s like Kylo Ren needing to conceal his face in Force Awakens but at least with Ren, it was trying to emulate Grandpa Vader. What was Enfys’s excuse apart from selling toys?

Millennium Falcon is Sentient? 

At one point in the movie, Lando mentions that L3 has a really good navigation system. Later in the movie, L3 is fatally wounded (what a surprise) and when the group needs to perform the Kessel Run faster, they decide to hotwire the droid’s processors into the Millennium Falcon’s. Not only does this allow Han to perform the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs but this effectively makes L3 a part of the Falcon.

From my understanding, this scene is a reference to a line in Empire Strikes Back where C-3PO asks Han about how the Falcon’s “peculiar dialect”. That dialect is apparently because of L3’s personality but now I have wonder if this means the Falcon is essentially a giant droid with a mind of its own.

Seriously, when I go see Episode IX and the Falcon shows up, I’m going to picture this in my head:

(Video made by ProZD)

Darth Maul Cameo….Hooray? 

Easily the strangest moment in this movie is that Darth Maul cameo (or wait, does he no longer have “Darth” in his name at this point in the timeline?). After Qi’ra kills Vos (what a surprise) and sends Han away, she contacts Maul who is apparently the real head of Crimson Dawn for some reason. And on the offchance that you think it’s some other member of Maul’s species, Maul actually pulls out his double-sided lightsaber to make it more obvious that it’s him.

It was certainly a surprising scene; when I was watching the movie, everyone in the theater was caught off guard by this. Here’s the thing though: what’s the point of Darth Maul being in this movie? It really doesn’t anything to the movie in the grand scheme of things, let alone affect how we interpret the story.

There seems to just be two very superficial reasons for this cameo. The first is pure fanservice to get fans talking about the movie some more and the second is that this is to left the door open for a possible sequel. Given the current box office gross for this movie though, I have a hard time imagining Disney and Lucasfilm making a sequel, let alone follow up on this cameo.

Also, wasn’t Maul already in Star Wars: Rebels for about two seasons? Where does him being a crime lord fall into his story arc?

I guess it was cool of studios to have Ray Park reprise his role as Darth Maul again (with current Maul CV Sam Witwer providing the voice) though with Maul just sitting on a chair, I feel that it was a waste of Park’s talents as a martial artist.

Thanks for reading!

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