What? Xenodude is Evolving! Round Two

Just a quick update

Social Media and Paypal

Today, I added a couple of new things to the blog. First and foremost, Xenodude’s Scribbles now has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Yeah, I finally decided to branch out more into social media. It sure took me a while. I’m generally like to keep parts of my life private but really, I kind of kept forgetting to make those. Stress has that kind of effect on me. Still, I really want to make my blog to be most worth my time so I think getting onto other platforms is a good approach. My Facebook page is @Xenodude and my Twitter account is @MrXenodude. The icons are also on the sidebar to the right.

Second, I created and added a Paypal button on the sidebar to the right (it’ll also be featured at the end of every post), just as an option for people who want to support the blog. By no means will I demand anyone to donate money. It’s entirely optional and it’s just there if you ever want to.

Stuff Pertaining to My Work

As I said a couple of weeks ago, I want to spend this month trimming down my backlog of anime I need to finish covering. This includes shows like Gamers! and Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou as well as shows I need to catch up on like Boku no Hero Academia and Darling in the FranXX. That is still the plan so if anyone’s new and really confused as to why I’m posting about shows that end months ago, that’s why.

I’m also going to spend this month looking through all my past work to make a couple of updates retroactively. It’s nothing too major; I’m mainly just checking for grammatical errors I somehow missed, fix any clarity issues, and adding any screenshots that I think my old posts could’ve used. I’ll also be adding at the end of my anime posts where the anime I’m featuring is officially available. All of this is pretty minor stuff but I figured I let it be known anyway. If I was to ever make a drastic revision to anything, I’d make it a separate post.

Thanks for reading!

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