Wotaku: Love is Hard for Otaku – Ep. 10

How cruel of Wotakoi to introduce a character in its penultimate episode. And of course it’s a super shy character so my instinct is to naturally like her. This show seriously needs a second season.

Well, I guess I’ll have to make do with what little time is left in Wotakoi and to be fair, I think Kou is an excellent addition to the cast. The super introverted nerd is admittedly a famous stereotype but given the respect Wotakoi has treated its main cast with, the inclusion of Kou hardly feels insulting. Me personally, I totally relate with how she freezes at the sight of strangers and her impulse to say “sorry” more times than it’s needed. Those are all things that I’ve ran into when I get super shy or anxious.

It makes too much sense that Naoya would befriend Kou. His personality is a perfect foil and being Hirotaka’s brother makes him a little familiar with people who tend to game alone, even if Kou’s case is more extreme. The only downside to this friendship is that Naoya now that has to git gud. Points for trying but it actually gets a little sad just how much Naoya fails at the MMO. How fortunate that Kou is just happy that she has a friend to play the game with and is willing to help Naoya catch up to her level. It kind of reminds me of the flexibility Hirotaka can possess, just with gaming.

Somewhat strange is that Naoya is completely in the dark on the fact that Kou is a girl. It seems a little odd to keep as a long-running joke and you have to wonder why none of Naoya’s classmates told him the truth (Kou’s understandably too shy to explain). Maybe the show could’ve done something interesting by actually making Kou a guy but it’s hardly a big problem for me. Naoya and Kou’s chemistry is pretty darn adorable no matter what.

I actually don’t have much to say about the B-plot where Hirotaka breaks his glasses and can’t see during work but it is a cute moment between him and Narumi. Man, I’m really going to miss these two once I finish this show.

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