Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku – Ep. 11 (END)

Honestly, I think Wotakoi saved its best episode for last. Some of the jokes here became my favorite moments in the whole series and in terms of pacing and writing, this finale did a terrific job giving solid screentime to all of its characters.

The big issue is that obviously, this is a pretty big non-ending for the show, the kind that you encounter with a lot of anime based ongoing manga. I suppose the only way Wotakoi could act conclusive is if had Hirotaka and Narumi marry (and by every deity in existence, I want that to happen) but in an 11-episode cour, that’d probably feel rushed. Given the situation, I think this anime made the most out of the situation it was dealt with.

Let’s start with the A couple. It’s the end of a vacation and Narumi visits Hirotaka only to find him fatigued from constant gaming and in need of her care. Narumi takes it upon herself to cook for her boyfriend which is actually a bit novel since, as acknowledged by Hanako, this is the first time where she’s really acting like a “traditional” girlfriend. Kabakura’s observation that Narumi’s acting more like a mother is equally sound though. Hirotaka neglected so much that he might as well be a baby for Narumi to take care of.

I suppose the indefinite assessment is to be expected; romance has been pretty different with these two. It’s certainly intimate and healthy but it’s not overt in a way that Kabakura and Hanako’s relationship is. As an extra reminder, the date that Hirotaka and Narumi go on in this episode is just a leisurely walk through the neighborhood and a beeline to catch a live show. I can’t deny that these events don’t exactly sound romantic on paper but I like that it doesn’t. These two are enjoying what floats their boat and in a relationship, that is what matters most. I’d certainly like this relationship advance (and it probably has in the manga) but I’ve been content with how it’s developed in this anime.

Meanwhile, Kabakura and Hanako spend some time together reading manga to themselves. I’m glad that the show ends with Kabakura finally trying out a boy’s love manga. Not that him dissing the genre bugged me, that kind of conflict of interest happens with any friend. It’s just satisfying to see him bite and what a precious reaction Hanako got out of him.

Kou managed to sneak in some more screentime. It’s a shame that she got introduced this late in the story since only so much progress could be done for her and Naoya. Still, having her write a strategy guide for Naoya to read was super charming. I hope this is in the manga because on the chance I get around to reading it, I’d like to see it how this story thread continues.

The final scene where the four main characters share their first 2D crush to each other was charming. I’m either young or a pleb since it took me a while to figure out the references. It’s admittedly a non-ending but it’s still a funny way to finish the anime and it even gives an excuse for all six characters to appear together.

As far as non-finale final episodes go, Wotakoi got one of the better ones. It knows that this episode is most likely the last visit it can pay to its cast and while it’s hardly a definite conclusion, it made the most out of the situation dealt to it. Of course, the better solution would be to make a second season but as always, you never know if it’ll happen. I can at least dream though…

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