Happy Sugar Life – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

Note: This review was originally part of a Lightning Round post.

That wasn’t happy at all…

Granted, there was no way a title like that could actually be sweet (pun not intended) but Happy Sugar Life still creeped the hell out of me. Satou (Kana Hanazawa) living alone with Shio (Misaki Kuno) was enough to make me suspicious but the show nevertheless makes the stranger danger even more apparent. Kidnapping, blackmail, murder. Satou has apparently done it all and she pretty much does them happily if it makes life with Shio easier. Oh and this character has pink hair. How yandere of her.

I’m liking Satou as a character though. It’s impressive on Happy Sugar Life‘s part in how it comfortably alternates between Satou showering Shio with love to her snapping at the people who’s pushed all the wrong buttons. A smart choice this premiere does was only hinting at the extremities she’s willing to commit. Her target for this week was a scummy manager and rapist and thus had it coming and all Satou really resorted to was simple blackmail. The amusing thing is that Satou probably wouldn’t care about the victim at all if she just got paid properly. It’s also just great to hear Kana Hanazawa play a sinister role for once; it’s an aspect of her acting abilities that I wish was utilized more often.

Normally, this isn’t the kind of horror anime I’d usually watch but I may make an exception for Happy Sugar Life depending on how how the next few episodes fare.

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