Cells at Work! – Ep. 3

Not enough platelets. 0/10.

In all seriousness, I still enjoyed this week’s offering of Cells at Work!. I just think it’s criminal to only feature the platelets in a mere cameo. I mean, that cameo where they sweep leaves off the ground was AMAZING but it’s just that, a cameo. Hell, Red’s barely in this episode either. Instead, this episode focuses on a Naive T Cell, a type of T-Cell dealing with new antigens for the first time, as he stumbles upon an influenza virus under the guise of a zombie invasion.

Once again, Cells’ re-imagining of the human body is very entertaining. The whole zombie invasion scenario is a really smart to convey the intense work your body performs so that you can recover from the flu. You see the T-Cells and White Blood Cells fight a prolonged and intense battle against a horde, the “weather” getting warmer, and constant rockets from the nose getting fired. It all connects reasonably well to the experience of getting sick.

The characterization is spot-on. Attributing hyper masculinity to the T Cells is such a silly way to imagine them but it almost makes too much sense, especially with what happens when the Naive T Cell “activates”. That guy literally became a JoJo character at that moment. Even better is the anthropromorphism of the macrophages, a very civil-looking lady wielding a stinking cleaver to match her specialized role and deadly force. The B-Cell being some engineer with a blaster makes sense too though he ends up having an (intentionally) anticlimactic introduction due to JoJo hogging up all the spotlight. Actually, I do love how Naive revers to his lame form and B has to reconfigure his blaster once another, different influenza virus shows up. It’s a pretty accurate scene once you get the science behind it.

Overall, I’d say this episode was pretty good. Really, it was. I mean it…

…Just show more platelets next time.

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5 thoughts on “Cells at Work! – Ep. 3

  1. I’ve yet to start this show, but have read that the platelets are probably the best part, and apparently they’re super adorable, so it’s worth the watch. Is there truth to that?

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    1. I’m slightly joking with all the Platelet praise, I think the whole anthropomorphism of human cells in general makes “Cells at Work” worthwhile. That said, the Platelets are absolutely adorable in how they’re envisioned as hard-working and coordinated child workers who fix your injuries expecting nothing in return. Any scene they’re in has been among my favorites so far.

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  2. I didn’t find the T Cells or Naive T Cell all that compelling as characters so losing the cuteness of the platelets and minimising Red was kind of a problem because I just found myself less engaged even though the story was still perfectly fine.

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    1. I’m convinced the Platelets have spoiled us all. Now I have high expectations for this show in that regard.

      I enjoyed this episode but giving Red a bigger role would’ve definitely helped.

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