Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai – Ep. 3

Series finale already? That was fast.

Obviously, I’m kidding. No way things would end on the third episode and it kind of is on me for not knowing that the light novel focuses on a different girl per volume. I’m just saying: if your anime is called Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, I’m going to assume it’s squarely about Bunny Girl Senpai. What’s next? You’re going to tell me, Sword Art Online continues after Sword Art Online? …Wait a minute.

To be a bit more serious, I am indeed skeptical over the prospect of there being non-bunny girl girls for Sakuta to chase after help. Mai’s arc admittedly makes that a possibility since Adolescence Syndrome can affect anyone. Tomoe unsurprisingly appears to be the next focal character and most likely, we’ll get around to Kaede or Rio (Atsumi Tanezaki), Sakuta’s science club friend. It’s just…can you really top Mai?

I’ll admit: even though this whole “notice Senpai” fiasco was only three episodes long, it did end on a high note. Really, the only issue I take with this finale (apart from the dialogue of course) is the fact that it attributes everyone’s obliviousness to Mai’s existence to sleep. It just makes the conflict feel too literal and I much prefer to look at the dilemma from a more symbolic standpoint.

But that aside, I really enjoyed where Mai and Sakuta’s relationship has gone by the end of all this. They may not talk like normal human beings but their actions do speak better than their words and you do get a strong sense that they care a great deal for each other. Sakuta tries to stay awake so that he can still remember Mai but the latter ends up tricking him into taking sleeping pills because she can’t bare to see him like this. I’m honestly impressed. I didn’t think this series could get to me emotionally but that part of the episode was getting a little gut wrenching. For a moment, I genuinely didn’t want to see these two part ways.

Naturally, the follow-up where Sakuta remembers Mai again and figures out a way to get everyone else to remember is very satisfying as a result. The solution even serves as a nice bit of character development for Sakuta. Up until meeting Mai, he was content to conforming to the “atmosphere” of public consciousness. Now, he has to make a a big stink and go against it so that the woman he loves won’t be forgotten. It’s a surprisingly simple solution but one that works well in service to the plot and the characters. A shame then that Mai’s response to all this still leaves their relationship in the “will they, won’t they?” phase. You could’ve easily just let the two hook up from there but I suppose if you struck narrative gold, you’re tempted to keep digging.

Call me a skeptic but I’d rather have a good story call it quits while it can rather than prolong its stay until everyone is tired of it. Right now, it’s just hard to imagine there being more to this story and I’d hate to see Mai become another Asuna. In other words, a likable main heroine who gets shoved aside for a couple of arcs in favor of waifu spamming the audience. That said, this is a case where I want a story to prove me 100% wrong. I’m not on the Bunny Girl Senpai hype train just yet but I am growing to like this series so if it can still deliver the goods after this arc, then great.

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2 thoughts on “Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai – Ep. 3

  1. I dunno, the ending left me with the sense they were omitted to at least *trying* to have a relationship. Wasn’t that the whole point of “then I’ll never forgive you for my whole life”?

    Otherwise, yah, the abrupt ending and upcoming emphasis shift aren’t sitting well.


  2. Although the anime uses the title of the 1st light novel, a more accurate one would be calling it the Seishun Buta Yarou series, since each book focuses on a new girl and their problems (based on what Wikipedia says).
    Ex – Vol 2’s about the Little Devil Kouhai, Vol 3 the Logical Witch etc.

    Vols 6-7 of the series, Dreaming Girl and Girl Experiencing Her 1st Love, will be made into a movie (or movies) for 2019. Apparently both novels focus on a 1 new girl.


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