Bloom Into You – Ep. 3

No doubt, Bloom Into You is going to be one big case of “will they or won’t they?”. It has to since Nanami confessed on day one and the big point of contention right now is Yuu unsure if she can reciprocate such feelings. I imagine that might make some people impatient, perhaps more so given that the manga is still ongoing. Maybe there’s an original ending but who knows right now. That said, however far away that destination is, I am really enjoying the journey.

To be fair, if it wasn’t for Yuu’s own struggle to feel love, her and Nanami almost do across as a couple. Nanami certainly acts as though she is in that kind of relationship. At the start of the episode, you see her hesitate to drink from the same bottle Yuu drank from because she knows it’ll be an indirect kiss. The following scene at the bookstore and it’s revealed to be owned by Yuu’s folks has Nanami feeling nervous in a similar way to how a boyfriend or girlfriend would be when meeting their date’s parents. Later in the episode, Nanami stops by the bookstore to give Yuu a souvenir from a trip to the planetarium despite living two train stations away. Her crush even points it’d be more practical to give the souvenir at school. For Nanami to go out of her way like this, it’s really indicative that she is serious about loving Yuu.

Even though Yuu probably won’t love her back anytime soon, she does have quite a way into Nanami’s heart. The moment leading up to the class election is a clear demonstration of that, not to mention a highlight of this episode. Nanami is secretly anxious about the whole thing, Yuu notices it when no one else does, and the latter takes the former outside to help her calm down. It’s the first time you see Nanami lean on Yuu. She even goes as far as reveal a very vulnerable side of her personality — putting herself on a pedestal to overcome her former shyness and afraid that, at some point, she’ll disappoint everyone who admires her. This scene also provides some insight as to why Nanami has grown so infatuated with Yuu. Whereas most see her as someone special, Yuu simply sees her as a friend and that allows her to just be herself for a change.

The speech Yuu gives at the election is also a demonstration. Surely, she must’ve figured what kind of reaction she’d get from Nanami by saying she’ll join the student council thanks to her. The new president looks like her heart skipped a beat there. And even though Yuu claims that she’s doing all this because it’s most natural thing for a friend to do, I find that a little hard to believe. Endorsing a friend? That’s fair. Deciding on the spot that you’ll join the student council because you like said friend that much? Well…I’m not saying it can’t be platonic but this is a romance story so…

Regardless, it appears that Bloom Into You has guaranteed more opportunities for these girls to be together. Even if it’s a song and dance up ahead, I’m still very interested to see how this relationship develops.

Other Thoughts:

  • The hangout scene is a little out of place if you ask me though the bit where one of Yuu’s friends rectifies getting rejected by her crush resonates with the show’s outlook on romance. Yuu insisting that she’s helping Nanami because it’s a normal thing to do as a friend draws a surprising parallel to her friend convincing herself that her crush is simply preoccupied with other things to love her back.
  • Mighty interesting that Nanami’s gift to Yuu is a star projector. It really fits with the latter’s difficulty with experiencing love. Like a star, that feeling is out there but Yuu just can’t seem to grasp it.

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