SSSS.Gridman – Ep. 5

Note: This review was originally part of a Lightning Round post.

Of course, there’s a swimsuits episode in SSSS.Gridman. The show is made by Trigger, I should’ve saw that coming. Not much to really say in that case. Even if I wanted to, I think everyone has already come up with some silly comment about Rikka’s legs. Points for going with water rafting as opposed to the traditional beach setting at least.

Oddly enough, my favorite scene is actually when the Neon Genesis gang have to bring Junk on a train ride to the nature reserve. The very image alone cracks me up but it also makes for a nice jab at the tokusatsu cliche where the villain attacks the same town over and over again. Turning that into a plot point where Yuuta is kind of screwed without Junk nearby is pretty clever, not to mention hilarious.

As per usual, the action is highly entertaining. A volcanic Lion Turtle against a giant robot with missile launchers and twin laser cannons? Yes, please.

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