Gridman Universe

This is an Archive Page for my Gridman Universe episode reviews. It is under construction.

Table of Contents:

  1. SSSS.Gridman


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Episode 2

Huh, I’m liking SSSS.Gridman…this is Trigger, right?

Episode 3

At this point, I think I should embrace the fact that I’m really digging SSSS.GRidman

Episode 4

I guess Gridman can’t fight on Ultra settings.

Episode 6

Convenient callback provides some convenient plot development.

Episode 7

Oh boy, the doujin artists are going to have fun with this one.

Episode 8

Silly Rikka, I’m not just your friend. I’m also…

Episode 9

Everybody loves Shinjou.

Episode 10

Perhaps I’ve been focusing my attention on the wrong villain.

Episode 11

I’ll admit, Gridman is losing me a bit here.

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