Goblin Slayer – Ep. 6

I would love it if every episode from now on followed suit and began with an update about what’s going in the world at large only for Goblin Slayer to waltz into the guild asking everyone if they want to hunt goblins. Goodness, this show’s self-awareness over how obsessed Goblin Slayer is with his war on goblins has yet to disappoint me. Frankly, I’m surprised we actually found out what the chosen heroine even looks like. Does that mean, she’ll actually pop up in the story again? Not sure what she would have to do with Goblin Slayer but at least her introduction was put to good use for a humorous cold opening.

So about the goblin slaying of the week. Goblin Slayer has a pretty big client this time around: the Sword Maiden (Aya Endou) who once helped defeat the Demon Lord and now serves as Archbishop for the Temple of Law (which Priestess is a member of). It’s pretty much just an introduction for this character. The party meets her, she gives details about the quest, and that’s it. Considering her reputation within the world of Goblin Slayer and the fact that she actually meets Goblin Slayer unlike the heroine from earlier, I’d be shocked if this is all she has to contribute to the story. There must be something in store for her.

There is a catch with this quest as both Priestess and High Elf Archer insist that Goblin Slayer not waterboard, burn, or poison goblins for a day. That Goblin Slayer actually agrees to those terms surprises me. There’s two ways to look at that. One is perhaps, Goblin Slayer is appeasing the girls because he wants to go on an adventure with them again. I can buy that considering some his actions and talk with Cow Girl last episode. The other reason (and probably the more blatant of the two) is that this is an excuse to show new, creative ways on how to kill goblins. I ain’t complaining though. It’s a lot of fun seeing Goblin Slayer resort to a stinking jar of spice to subdue goblins and take some suggestions from his teammates.

The whole fight scene in general, is a lot of fun. As hilarious as it is seeing goblins sail a boat (I think we all know what song fits that image best), it does make for a new and exciting set piece. Even better is when a swamp dragon appears out of nowhere, forcing everyone to change their battle plan. The teamwork remains a strong component of the action though I have noticed that the banter has gotten better now that everyone is acquainted with one another. Priestess and High Elf having each other’s back has a lot of charm and the race cards everyone is pulling as they run from a swamp dragon really got me laughing.

Goodness, is there actually an overarching plot developing here? Goblin Slayer suspects the goblins must’ve had some outside help with learning how to sail a boat so does that mean there’s a recurring villain to look forward to? It’d be a nice change of pace from the current, episodic approach.

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