Bloom Into You – Ep. 10

Well, now I really want to see that play acted out. That sounded really interesting!

Koyomi sure is perceptive too, even if she seems unaware of this fact. Without even knowing much about Touko, she still writers and casts her in the lead role of a character struggling to live out a personality described to her. The circumstances and the context are different but it is still a most fitting role. Equally intrigued are the characters written for Yuu and Sayaka to play as. The former is casted in a minor role as the main character’s nurse while Sayaka is blatantly assigned to play the love interest. It’s a mirror to what’s going on in real life where Sayaka’s feelings are more overt while Yuu is the one “in the shadows” so to speak. The big difference, of course, is that there is love triangle written in the play although who knows, this is the first draft after all. I’m sure if Koyomi caught onto Yuu’s feelings towards Touko, she’d probably include that in the script.

Another big plot happening in the first half of the episode is Yuu struggling to write a wish down for the upcoming school festival. It’s not overtly stated but it’s safe to assume that Yuu really wants to write down her desire to be closer to Touko, maybe even make it official. It’s reassuring to know that Yuu is somewhat aware of what she truly wants, even if she’s stuck in the denial phase. Having Yuu leave it blank and hang it up anyway is a very interesting decision. To me, it’s an acknowledgment that she is upholding her silence but the act of hanging it up with the other wishes suggest that she would like her wish to ultimately come true.

I’ll admit: I zoned out midway through the episode. I frankly forgot about Yuu’s old middle school friends and hell, even Rei finds such a meeting underwhelming. There isn’t really any new information imparted by this scene either. Just a repeat of what we already know which is Yuu’s fixation on Touko and her habit of helping people and getting involved in other matters.

This episode does end on a pretty strong note with having Yuu and Touko converse via phone call. The context provided is that Touko tries to keep contact with Yuu as an effort to avoid consuming her friend’s time so much again, only to give in by nightfall. I really enjoy the sound mixing here as you hear everyone’s chatter playing in the background while each character narrates their feelings towards the other. The actual content of the conversation doesn’t truly matter; what does is simply how happy both girls seem to be as they talk to each other again after a brief period away from each other.

The ending still concerns me, however, as we’re once again reminded that Touko is trying her darnedest to live the life of her sister. I don’t know, I’m still not the biggest fan of this attribute. It certainly doesn’t help that it’s been in the backburner as of late. Somewhat odd is that you see Touko’s dad ask her to stop what she’s doing in one scene. It’s a bit confusing since I was led to believe that everyone in Touko’s life pushed her into this direction, one way or another. I guess the father might regret his contribution this still feels out of the blue. It seems that Bloom Into You knows well that what Touko is doing is unhealthy but there’s not much progress made here and at the moment, she doesn’t really have much opposition either. I worry if this show can resolve this in a satisfying manner though I sure hope I’ll be wrong about that.

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