Goblin Slayer – Ep. 10

So I guess Goblin Slayer becoming Ice Cream Man will have to wait another day? But why though? This is clearly a calm before the storm; I’m sure you can have the guy fit ice cream making in his schedule somewhere between armor repairs and helping Cow Girl with the farm. I don’t know, maybe the writers felt like pulling a Rian Johnson and decided to subvert my expectations.

My disappointment aside, this is a pretty good episode. Some moments admittedly can only be taken as is as much of what happens here is pretty much just Goblin Slayer having a good time with his pals. Everyone having lunch together? That’s charming. I don’t have any other way to put it. Although I must say: seeing all the girls in one room around Goblin Slayer only convinces me more that Goblin Slayer is secretly a harem anime. The only thing missing are the girls getting competitive with one another. Imagine if Guild Girl found out that Priestess has slept with Goblin Slayer. Blood would’ve been spilled that day, let me tell you.

Actually, Guild Girl has some pretty great moments this episode. I’m still particular about Priestess and Cow Girl but this secretary is proving to be an insanely close third for Best Girl. I really like how her heart sank when she finds out that Goblin Slayer nearly died from his last quest and her subsequent ultimatum that she’ll ban him from quests if he’s not careful next time was funny. It never occurred to me until now but she can, by default, have an awful amount of sway on Goblin Slayer’s adventuring compared to the others. Priestess and Cow Girl nodding in agreement as well as Goblin Slayer’s reaction makes the scene even better.

Cow Girl also makes a strong contribution to the story, raising a legitimate concern regarding Goblin Slayer’s future. Provided that he survives for long enough, there will come a day where Goblin Slayer won’t be able to hunt and kill goblins. What will he do then? Guild Girl brought up the guild bringing in retired adventurers to train new ones but I have a hard time imagining Goblin Slayer ever doing such a thing, especially given that no one apparently takes his work too seriously. I’d like to think that Cow Girl ha some ideas (at the very least, a dream wedding envisioned) but the implication appears to be that she is at a loss here. Right when Goblin Slayer says he’s thinking about the future, Cow Girl’s immediate response is “I’m Sorry”. Essentially, she’s apologizing because she bemoans that she can’t be of much help for her friend at the moment.

Maybe now is a good time to consider back-up career? Something you can do when you get old? May I perhaps propose becoming an Ice Cream Man?

I won’t lie, seeing all those goblin footprints near the farm did make me tense. Granted, it was inevitable. I mean, why establish Goblin Slayer’s patrols if nothing crazy comes out of it? It’s a good set-up for this cour’s finale; literally tying all the goblin slayer closer to home. Why, it could even be a chance for Goblin Slayer to make up for his inability to fight when the goblins raided his home village. That said, I really hope that this isn’t waving a death flag over Cow Girl. Someone take her as far away from the bloodshed as possible.

Other Thoughts:

  • A bit amusing that the Demon King is just defeated offscreen by that heroine. Some grand fantasy story involving three BFFs happened and yet, here we are, following some random person killing goblins.
  • Interesting how Goblin Slayer is treated as a normal person when he’s not wearing his armor. When you look past his mystique, he is just a guy making a living. Of course, Witch recognizes him though. Who is this lady?
  • High Elf Archer, why aren’t you drunk more often?

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One thought on “Goblin Slayer – Ep. 10

  1. It definitely worked as the calm before the storm and I’m really looking forward to the final couple of episodes. The whole way through this series has been moving fairly nicely between these calmer daily lives episodes and the adventure and blood filled ones and the contrast has worked really well. This final calm was no exception and was a welcome change of pace before we move into the final arc for the season.

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