Goblin Slayer – Ep. 11

Of course Goblin Slayer‘s idea for a big climatic showdown is “goblins but there’s way more of them this time”. With the Demon King defeated off-screen and considering this anime’s conceit, what else could it be? I am curious how the light novel keeps the action fresh (how is that series 8 volumes in?) but for this anime, I think increasing the number of goblins to kill works just fine for a finale.

An army of these critters does pose a huge problem for Goblin Slayer himself. I like that he’s smart enough to know that one man can’t take on an army of monsters out in the open but it is pretty intense to hear him admit such a thing out loud. And while Goblin Slayer speaks at a monotone volume, his fear of losing Cow Girl is detectable thanks to what has been established of his character in episodes prior. As for Cow Girl (I guess her uncle doesn’t have a say in the matter), I think she should seriously GTFO out of that farm but I do get her motivation for staying. She’s abandoned her home and friend once, she doesn’t want to do it a second time.

It was pretty great seeing Goblin Slayer ask for help at the guild. Maybe he would’ve done this before if the situation ever called for it but this is still a nice capstone to his arc. This man started as a loner, incidentally became the leader of a party, and is now reaching out to everyone for help.

A shame then that, with the exception of those who’ve worked closely with Goblin Slayer, everyone in the guild decided to first be an ass about his plea. I know there’s the misconception that goblins are a low-level threat (ignore the part that many lives still get ruined by them) but you got to be an idiot to ignore a whole army of them when the town you live and work in is their next target after the farm. Oh and of course, they’re only in it for the money. You lot aren’t not fooling me with your later talk about how much you’d miss Goblin Slayer if he died. I know what you truly want out of this request.

I’m annoyed but I will admit that I really loved watching Guild Girl intervene and bribe everyone with high bounties on the goblins. She’s definitely pulling some serious strings here (though her boss apparently is a-okay with all this) but this action is a testament to her desire to help Goblin Slayer in any way she can. Last episode brought up the kind of influence she could have on Goblin Slayer’s life and while that was technically played off as a joke, she really wasn’t kidding about what she can do with her power. Seriously, why are there so many Best Girls in this anime?

You know what I find kind of funny about this development? How Priestess just appears out of nowhere after everyone agrees to help Goblin Slayer. Seriously, where was she? It’s like Goblin Slayer forgot she exists and realized at the last minute she should be there to lend her assistance.

As much as I’ve enjoyed the dungeon crawling and the D&D styled strategies, it is pretty refreshing seeing a larger scale battle for a change. Say what you will about those adventurers but a lot of them, especially the high-ranking ones, do finally get to show off their combative skills. The highlight for me, however, is watching Goblin Slayer act as a straight up tactician. Those goblins really shouldn’t have given him any prep time. He anticipates the Goblin Lord’s every move, develops countermeasures, and assigns tasks for everyone to do. Even better is that this is all a ploy for him to sneak up and fight the Goblin Lord himself. As if this man could really contain himself from killing goblins. Goblin Slayer rarely does one on one duels so this should be fun to watch next episode.

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