Late for My Inauguration into the Brotherhood (Award Tag/Q&A)

Special thanks to Chris Voyage at Galvanic Media for nominating me for the Brotherhood of the World Award…way back in September 2018. Whoops! Better late than never but still, my deepest apologies for taking so long to respond. Between work and current priorities for the blog, finding the time for this post has been tricky. Hopefully, this post will still suffice.

Note: Sadly, I’m refraining from nominating bloggers for the time being. I have a bunch of tags to respond to so I’d hate to repeat nominations by accident. A lot of bloggers I follow seem pretty busy too.

Chris Voyage’s Questions

Bloom Into You Ep. 5-4

1. What’s your favorite kind of post you write/make on your site? Be it episodic reviews, editorial pieces, videos, etc. Why? Is it the same as what you like to read/watch/listen to from other bloggers? Or does personally writing it make the difference?

Geez, variety hasn’t really been my strong suit. ;_;

The vast majority of my blog posts have been Episode Reviews so far so I have to default to that. I do really enjoy writing and sharing them though. The big draw for me is that I can track down my developing opinions throughout an anime’s simulcast. I have enjoyed the few series reviews I’ve been able to write but I’ll admit that they feel so generalized given their nature.

I do read Episode Reviews from other bloggers but honestly, I don’t really have a preference about what type of posts I look for. Whatever kind of writing works best for them and so long as they enjoy what they do, that’s all that matters to me. Because I write my own posts, I’ll admit that I very occasionally find myself self-conscious about how it may compare to others’ but that’s an unhealthy way to look at things so I try my best to stop myself from having those thoughts.

2. What are your priorities when deciding what to watch/drop? Having Fun? Catching The Feels? Being Surprised? Intellectual Challenges? etc.

Honestly, is the show any good? Simple as that. The TV show in question could be the most thought provoking, emotionally evocative work of art or it could be dumb as rocks. So long as it appeals to me in some way, that’s all that matters.

To spin off from the original question, I’d like to add that when it comes to blogging about anime, “intellectual challenges” is a big factor in the decision making. I mean, I do tend to cover what I enjoy most but regardless of quality, I ideally find it most worth my time and energy to cover shows that merit a lot of breakdown and analysis. Hence why I’ve covered shows I clearly stopped enjoying a long time ago like Darling in the FranXX or Hanbado!. With those shows, I clearly didn’t have “fun” in the traditional sense but it boggles my mind so much, that I ended up sharing my two cents on them anyway.

3. Here’s one just for giggles. If you could re-imagine any anime you love into a completely different genre. What would it be and what genre would you swap it to?

This might sound bizarre but the first thing that popped in my head is a slice of life interpretation of Made in Abyss. I’m currently picturing it like it’s Laid-Back Camp where you’re following some adventurers just enjoying all the cool sights of the abyss. All the wildlife are just part of the scenery. Nanachi would fulfill Rin’s role of the introverted veteran camper while Riko acts as the Nadeshiko of the group. Reg’s incinerator is now just a stove that just heats all the hot pots the gang are making. And in the spirit of Laid-Back Camp, all but one of them is broke so that they have to do deal whatever cheap equipment they can scrounge up. I love Made in Abyss as it is but this is honestly what I kind of originally thought the show would be.

4. Soda, Pop, or Coke? And what’s your favorite kind, if any?

I call it soda and I don’t have a favorite kind because I actually don’t drink any. I’ve never liked the general taste growing up and I still feel that way today. To be frank, the only carbonated drinks I enjoy are the alcoholic kinds.

5. Five anime characters for your ideal anime friend group. Go! 

Only five?! God, there’s so many characters to pick from. Well, this is the best I could narrow it down to:

  1. Eru Chitanda from Hyouka – Would make every get together feel so eventful and lively thanks her immense curiosity over everything. It’d be an adventure hanging out with her.
  2. Megumi Katou from Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend – Easily the most grounded person on the list and I think that kind of levelheadedness would nicely offset the more upbeat people on the list.
  3. Rei Kiriyama from March Comes in Like a Lion – I feel that some of the realest and most therapeutic conversations I could ever have would be with Rei. On a more positive note, I’d love to learn how to play shogi from him.
  4. Rin Shima from Laid-Back Camp – Quiet and introverted just like me! Also, I need someone to envy and Rin’s apparent ability to afford fancy stuff would do the trick.
  5. Viktor Nikiforov from Yuri!!! on Ice – Be honest, we all want to hang out with this guy. Viktor is so charismatic and motivational that he’d make every hangout feel like a party.

Thanks for Reading!

3 thoughts on “Late for My Inauguration into the Brotherhood (Award Tag/Q&A)

  1. “Honestly, is the show any good? Simple as that. The TV show in question could be the most thought provoking, emotionally evocative work of art or it could be dumb as rocks. So long as it appeals to me in some way, that’s all that matters.”

    My feelings are close to this. I’d say so long as I’m enjoying the show, I’m watching the show.

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