Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka – Ep. 10

I’m still technically doing a Quickie because of I’m busy but I’d be lying if I said breezing through this show wasn’t beneficial for my sanity.

  • It says something about an anime if it has me thinking that Goblin Slayer did raping goblins better. At least Goblin Slayer actually tried to make a point with that kind of material. It’s straight up gratuitous here.
  • The soldiers’ discussions about the ethics of using magical girls makes me realize what a waste it was for this show to not explore that theme earlier.
  • Nozomi is handling this monster invasion pretty well…
  • Damn, that random cop who saved Sayako and Nozomi is the real MVP of this episode.
  • Possibly an stretch but I hope Sayako will become a Magical Girl by the end of this series. It’d be nice payoff to her arc and who knows, maybe the new item Tabira brought is a new transformation device.
  • Mia and Tamara’s action scenes are decent enough though it dawned on me that we have two episodes left and we still haven’t seen the Legendary Five fully reunited, let alone fighting together.
  • Really? You’re going to give the Disas guns? That’s like giving the Titans from Attack on Titan maneuver gear. Are their size and brute strength not imposing enough?
  • Oh no, not Viktor. We were just getting to know him.
  • While not the most appropriate time to pull the joke, Sacchuu holding a gun is legitimately side splitting. What an image and it’s actually a shame you don’t see him fire a bullet.
  • I want to say Kurumi and Chisato are fighting as thematically speaking, they’re both tormented girls empowered by magic…but the former spanks people with a paddle and the latter wields a whip so knowing this show, this is probably just some BDSM-themed cat fight.
  • Oh no, not that random samurai cat. We were just getting to know him.
  • You’d think Sacchuu would’ve immediately thrown that grenade and kill those Dementor looking critters so that Asuka could just fight Giess from the get go but no, that would make too much sense.
    • You’d also think Asuka should just turn her knife into a katana but that would also make too much sense.
  • Oh no, not Tabira. We were just getting to know her.
    • For real, it is hard to care that she might be dead. She was only introduced one episode ago and one of her three scenes was entirely played for laughs and fanservice. Also, it’s laughably pathetic how easily this supposed mentor character went down in a fight.

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3 thoughts on “Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka – Ep. 10

  1. “Also, it’s laughably pathetic how easily this supposed mentor character went down in a fight.”

    TBH, that bugged me, too. I would have preferred Asuka come into the room to find it completely demolished after an apparently wild fight. But it looked like Giess won just too easily…

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