Domestic Girlfriend – Ep. 10

Still doing Quickies for certain shows. At least no one seems to mind the format.

  • Every time Natsuo and Hina make out, take a drink.
  • Oh good, this show remembered Momo and Miu. A shame these two have played pretty small roles so far. Looking back, I think, out of all the episodes so far, I’ve enjoyed those two characters’ introductory episodes the most.
  • Kiriya being Natsuo’s favorite author this whole time? Alright, now you’re pushing it, Domestic Girlfriend.
  • Miu knocking Natsuo down the stairs feels like karma. Like, this is what one gets when they try to date their stepsister/teacher. Come to think about it, those stairs lead into a lot of the later scenes. They’re the MVP of this episode!
  • My God, Rui hasn’t given up at all. To be fair though, I buy that she would take advantage of Natsuo needing to stay home while his leg heal.
  • Is it just me or have we seen Rui naked more often than Hina?
  • The parts where Rui tries to wash Natsuo’s back in the dark and Miu profusely apologizes to Natsuo are really funny. As always, Domestic Girlfriend‘s comedy often helps alleviate the “scummier” parts of its story.
  • Natsuo is such a stinking idiot this episode. That he never asked Fumiya to back his lie was dumb enough but then you see him tell a similar lie to keep Rui off his tracks. Really? That’s the best you can come up with? I knew when he said he had everything under control that he jinxed himself.
  • I was frustrated with how smoothly Natsuo and Hina’s relationship was going so it pays to see that it go awry at the end of this episode. Rui finally faces the reality that her crush is in love with someone else and Natsuo is in deep water. It does warrant speculation how Natsuo will handle things from there. Finally admitting to Rui that he loves Hina is step one but it wouldn’t surprise me if he still tries to salvage the affair.
  • Biggest disappointment was that we didn’t get to see Natsuo fall down steps and into mud while he was searching for Rui. Damn it, one tumble wasn’t enough.

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2 thoughts on “Domestic Girlfriend – Ep. 10

  1. I also feel like Hina and Natsuo’s ‘ship is building to fast and smooth. I actually like Rui, even though she’s flawed and damn, she deserves so much better. Hina really pisses me off. She’s a walking jar of bad decisions omg.

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    1. Yeah, Rui is definitely the best of the three main characters. She is indeed flawed but I don’t really find her actions too infuriating and it’s hard not to feel sympathetic towards her. Natsuo and Hina aren’t unrealistic but if they were real, they’d be headache inducing and that’s where mileage can vary.

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