The Quintessential Quintuplets – Ep. 10

Still doing Quickies for certain shows. At least no one seems to mind the format.

  • Wow, they actually gave more screen time to that Maeda fellow, the guy who tried to ask Ichika to dance with him last episode. I’m actually wondering if he and that female extra  hooked up after getting scared together.
  • Yotsuba, why you got to say you want no regrets with this trip? You’re just going to complicate things!
    • Oh, who am I kidding? I can’t stay mad at this character, especially not when she’s having fun, dressed as a mummy.
  • What kind of school would allow a event take place near the edge of the cliff? At least put more security than a sign.
  • Not fond of these little pushes towards Fuutarou x Nino and that’s besides the fact that I’m not a huge Nino fan to begin with. Stuff like she fits the three things Fuutarou looks for in a girl, she finds his old Blonde look attractive, and a near-death experience feels cheap to me. What was wrong with just getting to know someone like with Miku and Ichika?
    • Why do I get the feeling Nino is probably the quint in the picture too?
    • I give Nino crap but truth be told, if it was between her or Itsuki, I’d probably root for Nino.
  • I am liking how complicated the situation is getting. Fuutarou must choose between dancing with Ichika/Miku or with Nino. Ichika offers to have her and Miku impersonate each other so that Miku gets to dance with Fuutarou but Miku insists on sticking with the current plan. For all we know, Yotsuba is Secret Option C. This all actually has me at the edge of my seat which is not something I thought I’d ever say about this show back in Episode 1.
  • It does seem like Ichika is trying to avoid confronting her feelings towards Fuutarou from offering to switch places with Miku to redirecting the conversation whenever she’s asked about said feelings. And when Fuutarou suggests calling the dance off, she’s borderline heartbroken. Most likely, she’s doing this for Miku’s sake which is commendable…and now I don’t know who to root for anymore… Still, it’s nice to see so much focus on Ichika’s feeling as of late.
  • I’ve seen too much anime to know that boy and girl + shed = that door is getting locked.

This school trip scenario is running a lot longer than I thought it would. Chances are, Quintuplets will end with this which, based on this episode and the one before it, wouldn’t be a bad stopping point.

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