The Quintessential Quintuplets – Ep. 11

I feel a little bad that I’ve had to cut corners with covering The Quintessential Quintuplets because truth be told, I’m so darn invested in its final stretch. Who would’ve thought? Still, some thoughts:

  • Ichika, I appreciate that you’re looking out for Miku but goddamn it, you can be happy too, you know!
  • I still consider Miku to be my favorite character but truth be told, I have started to ship Fuutarou and Ichika more. Maybe it’s due to all the recent scenes these two have had together but I think their chemistry has clicked the most out of any other bond.
  • Case in point, the campfire scene. Ichika admits to Fuutarou that she’s thinking about pursuing acting full time and put school on hold and instead of getting pissed as she expected, Fuutarou thinks it’s great that she’s doing what she wants. I just love how considerate Fuutarou is here and that in turn only makes Ichika attracted to him even more.
  • Surely, I’m not the only one disappointed that Ichika and Fuutarou don’t actually dance in front of the campfire. That save though…
  • Oh yeah, Itsuki has to be involved somehow. Her being wary of Fuutarou because Ichika has the hots for him is even thinner than the whole Kintarou plot.
    • I’m realizing I’m sounding colder towards Itsuki as of late. It isn’t that I hate her. It’s just that Itsuki is so…horribly overshadowed by her sisters. Even Nino leaves a bigger impression than her.
  • Yotsuba, don’t you know the common cold is the deadliest disease in the world?
    • Just kidding, I actually had the biggest, dumbest smile when she dragged Futarou out to ski with her and the others.
  • See, even Fuutarou knows that when choosing between Yotsuba and Nino, the answer is Miku.
  • What a convenient igloo for Fuutarou and Miku to have some alone time together…I approve 100%.
  • I never really gave much thought to how Miku insists she and her sisters are equals (in my defense, her comments usually correlate to their body measurements) but seeing Fuutarou turn that mindset on its head was great. Yotsuba’s athleticism is something that makes her stand out from her sisters. To handicap that, even for a game, just doesn’t sound fair as Fuutarou puts it. In that sense, Miku has been handicapping herself by insisting she doesn’t have the right to dance with Fuutarou.
  • On one hand, Miku is getting assertive and that makes me super happy. On the other hand, I’m concerned how Ichika will react to what she has to say. Gah, I’m so conflicted right now!

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2 thoughts on “The Quintessential Quintuplets – Ep. 11

    1. It’s like the mangaka knew it’ll take forever for Nino to even like Fuutarou so they came up with this arc to accelerate things.

      Gosh, I’m trying to remember what story did mistaken identity well…all I got is Aladdin haha.

      Liked by 1 person

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