Domestic Girlfriend – Ep. 11

I don’t think Domestic Girlfriend had ever jumped the shark but I think a shark is involved in some way. These past few episodes have been so darn vexing.

  • To start off, when did Natsuo get so dense? I’m left speechless how inconsiderate he is of Rui’s feelings and just kept pursuing Hina. Really? Take a step back and think for a second!
  • Rui directly telling Natsuo she’ll “dislike” him is really clumsy dialogue but to play Devil’s advocate, that’s kind of the point. Right now, she has to force herself to let go of her romantic feelings.
  • Something about Rui winning the writing contest and not Natsuo feels weirdly satisfying. Maybe this is a consolation offered by the mangaka for making Natsuo such an idiot as of late.
  • I’d comment on Miu since she got decent screen time again but honestly, she’s kind of just there. There is admittedly her trying to show off her swimsuit to Kiriya-sensei but look, we already have student-teacher romance going on. Let’s not add another one.
    • Oh and of course, we’d get a swimsuit episode.
  • Meanwhile, Momo barely has lines.
    • It sucks. Other than Rui, Momo and Miu are my favorite characters Domestic Girlfriend had introduced.
  • What even is the point of Alex?
    • I’ll admit that if Alex is actually here to turn Domestic Girlfriend into a Boys’ Love series, I’d be instantly be back on board 100%.
  • You can’t just jump cut to Natsuo and Hina in bed. It’s too funny.
  • I kind of admire Hina for acknowledging that, in hindsight, she’s a hypocrite for criticizing Rui’s attraction to Natsuo and for wanting to break up with Natuo to keep the peace. A shame she throws all that out of the window a couple scenes later because darn it, Natsuo offered her a ring and he talks about how he wants to marry her. Can these two get any dumber?
  • Speaking of windows, I’ll admit that it’s really smart writing how something as simple as curtains being open ends up getting Hina in trouble.
    • Although I must say, whoever took that picture from that distance has a really good camera…

I don’t know if I’d call all any of this contrived. Natsuo and Hina have been gotten really, really dumb but they act within the flaws that we know they’ve always had. I suppose this final stretch is just asking too much of me as I can’t shrug off how easily the situation could be resolved.

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