Hensuki: Are you willing to fall in love with a pervert, as long as she’s a cutie? – Ep. 2

I didn’t think I’d cover more of Hensuki but after watching, I ended up typing away so screw it. Here ya go!

As you can imagine, Keiki didn’t take up on the offer to be Sayuki’s “owner”. He is the straight man after all (that sounds punnier than I intended). Not that this is the end of the conversation though. If anything, I think denying Sayuki has turned her on even more. Now, she’s taking initiative by teasing Keiki, hoping that doing so will compel him to “punish” her. It looks like this thread isn’t ending any time soon.

Of course, there is still the Cinderella Keiki needs to identify. In this episode, he shifts his investigation over to his underclassman, Yuika (Rina Hidaka), whom he assists at the school library. I’m noticing a pattern here. Keiki chats with a girl, spends some quality time with her, and ultimately finds out that they have quite the kink. There’s potential for repetition there but I don’t want to be worried just yet since there’s only three girls (possibly four if the show wants to go wincest) so far. If the harem is a lot bigger and the story still follows the same episodic structure, then I’ll worry.

I don’t know if I’m that surprised that Yuika is revealed to be a sadist. After Sayuki’s collar stunt, anything can go in this show. When I think about it, making Yuika a sadist actually makes her the perfect foil to Sayuki. One is busty and submissive, the other is petite and dominant. It’s a perfectly split dichotomy. If I had to be surprised, it’d probably be over how tamed the reveal kind of is. I mean, taking off your panties and shoving them into your lover’s mouth is pretty out there but I was expecting something crazier. Like, have her pull out a rope or step on Keiki or something. This scene is drawn a little ominously too, what with the close ups, shadows, dutch angles, and deliberate omission of Yuika during certain parts of her dialogue. It all gives the impression that she’s on some kind of edge so I was expecting a most befitting revelation as a result. Then again, this paragraph might actually say more about me than the show so maybe I should move on…

While I am reveling in the absurdity of it all, I am finding that there is a fair amount of thought put into the writing. There is clearly a genuine connection built between Keiki and his harem. Like Sayuki, Yuika is understandably smitten with the boy. Because she’s of mixed lineage, people find it difficult to approach her and in turn, she developed a standoffish barrier as a result. Keiki however neither knew nor cared and his persistence to get to know Yuika ultimately wins her over. He also proves to be very protective of Yuika. During their date, he catches some guys hitting on her and successfully puts her out of that bind.

So is Yuika Cinderella? Hard to say. Yes, she does take off her panties in this episode but since she did that, you’d think she would’ve mentioned that this isn’t the first time she’s done something so ridiculous. Chances are, the investigation remains ongoing and Keiki will move onto his classmate, Mao (Iori Nomizu). Mao makes a suspicious cameo during Keiki and Yuika’s date. She even looks a bit different, sporting a pair of glasses in this scene. The OP suggests that she’s an aspiring mangaka which would match her get up if anime stereotypes are anything to go by. But oh man, a mangaka in this harem? There’s so many things she could be into!

OP: “Daisuki” by Ayaka Ouhashi

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