Room Camp – Ep. 2

Something I neglected to notice last time was that the ED for Room Camp ends with showing Nadeshiko’s stamp sheet which further assures that the really really is what the whole show will revolve around. Sure enough, Episode 2 features the Outdoor Activities Club at their first stop, the Fujisan World Heritage Center, and Nadeshiko proceeds to get her first stamp. The ED is even updated accordingly to show her progress and will presumably continue to do so by the show’s conclusion. Presumably, we’ll being seeing a new location every episode.

Perhaps I should’ve been more confident in my observations. The more you think about it, the more the stamp rally scenario looks perfect for three minute bursts. In my defense though, this show is called (in English) Room Camp. I was expecting the girls to pretend to be a hammock in their storage closet again, not sightseeing around their home prefecture.

Now that I think about it, the title of the show is starting to feel rather inaccurate. They’re out of the titular room and they’re not even camping but sightseeing! Perhaps the creators should’ve gone with something else. Maybe go with “Nadeshiko’s Stamp Rally” or something.

Mind you, I’m not against what I’ve been watching so far. It’s likely that Room Camp is too short to really nail that down to earth, laid-back tone that the main show achieved but some moments have popped out. A highlight in Episode 2 is the part where the girls tries to see Mt. Fuji only to find their view obscured by the cloudy weather. Rather than get upset though, they find fun in imagining the view, tracing Mt. Fuji’s outline with their index fingers. Watching this, I can’t help but think back to Episode 1 of the main show when Nadeshko complained to Rin that the weather is too cloudy for her to see the 1,000 yen bill view of Mt. Fuji only for Rin, who’s been patient all day, to see the view clear up shortly after. Perhaps the contrast isn’t too intentional but I like how when you put these two scenes up for comparison. you can tell that Nadeshiko’s experiences have made her appreciate more whatever is in the moment.

I suppose the only thing left to wonder about the show is if it has a conclusion in mind. It’d be amazing if this ends with the club discovering that they’re broke again after paying to travel around for the rally but it’s probably more likely that the show will end right as soon as Nadeshiko gets her last stamp. There’s also the matter of whether or not the show will cover all twelve rally stops during its broadcast. It was recently announced that Room Camp will get an OVA so assuming the show will run for 12 episodes, I suspect that means one location will go unaired.

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