Room Camp – Ep. 3

Running late with Room Camp. And yeah, given how lightweight this show is, there isn’t much urgency to cover it. Hell, I still don’t know if I’ll cover it all the way through. But I don’t know, I don’t want to call it quits until I feel completely compelled to do so, especially considering this is a franchise I really love.

However intentional this all may be, I keep finding callbacks in this show. Nadeshiko imagining a mobile, multi-purpose tent reminds me of that rocket powered one she imagined in the Season 1 finale. Once again, Aoi and Chiaki are barely able to keep up with Nadeshiko’s stamina and while I think it’s a missed opportunity to not have Chiaki try to hitchhike again, I like that they muster the energy to keep going this time around (maybe it helps that they’re on bikes). I am a teensy bit wary of the amount of callbacks. At some point, it starts to feel cheap. Given that this is meant to be a short interlude before Season 2 though, I might mind it less than I normally do. It helps that some of them do play out differently than the bits they’re referring to, creating a sense that these girls are a little bit different from how they started out.

I really enjoy the part where the girls meet a couple who’s been traveling around the country for years, causing them to ponder if they too will look back on their hijinks. The writer in me does wonder if the stamp rally will ever be brought up outside of this show but I like the message. Laid-Back Camp often has its characters enjoying in the moment so it’s a little interesting and different to see one of them consider the potential nostalgia of their experiences.

Really though, the highlight of the episode is the return of the one, the only Shimarin. Thank goodness that it didn’t take too long for her to show up. I don’t care that she’s just sitting in her kotatsu, taking pictures of peanuts, and complaining about her drink being too hot. I’LL TAKE IT. I figured this is what she’s been doing anyway (she couldn’t be camping since Room Camp is going for the most inaccurate title ever). Fortunately, it seems that next episode will all be about Rin so I’m looking forward to that.

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