Room Camp – Ep. 5

Funnily enough, the girls get their trivia a bit mixed up this time around. While riding the Mount Fuji Panoramic Ropeway, they recount the “Kachi-Kachi Yama” folktale and both Japanese and Western viewers may notice that something feels a little off about it. That’s because they’ve confused some details with the “Hare and the Tortoise”. The original tale is much darker and there originally was no turtle. Hence why you have two extras overhear and look at the club members with some confusion and why there is no turtle representation on the upper station of the ropeway.

I like that no one is corrected on their storytelling. The viewer is just left to catch the inaccuracy for themselves which is more amusing that way. And even if you didn’t catch it at first, the story is still fun to watch. You have each member of the club acting as one of the animals. Nadeshiko being the turtle (boy was I not prepared to see that) is a bit odd considering she’s actually the fastest of three though I think the irony is the joke. Meanwhile, Aoi and Chiaki perfectly suit their roles as the rabbit and the tanuki respectively. If there’s any pair in this show that would sabotage each other, it’d be those two. At the end of the day, the mixing up of details is just some good fun. Even the two extras lets it be, not that they have any real reason to tell the girls anyway.

Speaking of those extras, their involvement at the end of the episode was delightful. At the upper station, they agree to take Nadeshiko’s picture and they get so amused with the club’s playfulness with the animal statues that they too decide to take some goofy pictures for themselves. I just love the idea that the Outdoor Activities Club can leave a positive impression on the people they run into, inspiring them to have even more fun with their own trip.

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