Room Camp – Ep. 9

Alright, this show is teasing me. Bring Rin back already.

Oh well, at least Ena showed up again. She’s been sorely missed in Room Camp as well and that’s saying something considering that she was sparingly present in Season 1 to begin with. I find that Ena works best when she’s with Rin, their chemistry is so charming, but that doesn’t stop her from sharing a fun scene with the Outdoor Activities Club. It’s certainly nice to see Ena’s hairdressing skills again. This time, she styles everyone’s hairs to resemble the peak of Mt. Fuji (which is a subject the club discusses during the episode). Funnily, no one notices the hairdo change even when they can easily look up at each other. Maybe they’ve grown to be as used to Ena’s shenanigans as Rin.

I was hoping that if Ena is out and about, then surely Chikuwa is as well. Unfortunately, it appears that Ena didn’t take her dog out for a walk or perhaps the place she’s eating t doesn’t allow animals indoors. As desperate as I am for one more appearance by Rin, it’s a bigger crime that Chikuwa is straight up absent in this show.

Toba-sensei also makes an appearance in this episode. All she does though is get drunk…as she should.

It’s been interesting seeing Room Camp explore a bit about Nadeshiko’s residential identity (I don’t know how else to phrase it). That wasn’t something the main show really discussed as far as I can recall. Even though Chiaki is obviously being over the top when she asks her if she prefers Yamanshi or her home prefecture of Shizuoka, Nadeshiko gives a pretty genuine answer. Shizuoka is where she grew up but having gained so many friends and memories in Yamanashi, she’s can’t reasonably favor one over the other. They’re both home as far as she’s concerned. That’s perhaps the real advantage with the stamp rally plot. Maybe you could fit this in between the camping trips but it’d definitely be brought up more organically here.

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