Room Camp – Ep. 8

I was really hoping for Rin to give the stamp sheet to Nadeshiko but it appears that Grandpa Narrator has just dropped it off at the Shima residence. This show is such a tease.

On the bright side, Episode 8 is not going to be three minutes of the club staring at a wall or something (though now that I write that down, I think this show would somehow make that work). Nadeshiko has come up with a solution and that’s to put stamps on a notepad and post them onto the sheet on the chance she recovers it. That’s really smart of her and it’s nice that the show is maintaining some momentum after all. Although I must say, with how the sticky notes are proportioned in the frame, I keep thinking they’re too big to put on the sheet.

The ED continues to be updated accordingly, showing the notepad this time around. It has surprisingly gotten a lot of fun to check in on these past couple of episodes.

This episode revives one of my favorite (and arguably underutilized) gags in Laid-Back Camp: Aoi’s bad habit to lie. Given her track record (though not that everyone else is that much better), I knew that the story she shares about this episode’s location was completely made up. Though Nadeshiko doesn’t fall for it this time, Aoi still wins by having at tourist buy into it (if the tourist is meant to be American…that’s pretty accurate). You later have Nadeshiko trying to make up a story herself and it fails to fool her friends because she tries to talk in a Kansai dialect. Aoi then proceeds to flex her skills and manages to trick Nadeshiko this time. I’m so glad that the animators used Aoi’s lying face again for this scene. That was one of my favorite things the Season 1 OVAs added.

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