Yuki Yuna is a Hero – Ep. 7

Note: I’m watching Yuki Yuna is a Hero blind. Please do not post spoilers in the comments.

I have my suspicions about the Taisha but hey, at least they’re providing the Heroes with a free trip to the beach and a fancy dinner at the respective hotel. That’s nice of them. Now if only they’d pay the club for their hard work. At the very least, fund their skit for the culture festival.

Given the setting, fan service is of course aplenty. It doesn’t just end at the beach either; you later have the gang enjoying the hotel’s hot spring. You got some full body pans of the characters’ swimsuits, some convenient hot spring censoring that still leaves little to the imagination, and some comments about someone’s breast size (the faces Fuu and Itsuki make at Mimori’s is admittedly the funniest image I’ve seen so far). It’s pretty typical stuff as far as fan service in non-ecchi anime goes and to the show’s credit, it doesn’t go too overboard with the eye candy (that’s always my worst fear with fan service).

You also have some fun antics thrown in here and there. Karin challenges Yuna and Fuu to some games. Itsuki mimics Fuu’s battle stance during suikawari. Mimori builds one incredible sand sculpture based on Takamatsu Castle. I’d argue the best stuff comes during the hotel segment however. Fuu considers taking the food left as an offering which is funny in of itself but more so when I remember that she’s technically serving her deity as one of its protectors. The bit with the scary stories is probably my favorite gag in the whole episode. I didn’t take Mimori to be someone who revels in telling scary stories and only using head portraits to act out the scene augments the comedic potential of the scene.

Karen’s behavior throughout the episode is interesting to see. More and more, she looks and acts as a part of the club. As mentioned earlier, she challenges Yuna and Fuu to some games. When Itsuki plays suikawari, she sits in the far back but does end up joining in on guiding her friend. During dinner, she has some fun banter with the others regarding food and dining manners. There are moments where she looks a little uncomfortable being part of the group. This surfaces most during the hot spring scene as Karin doesn’t seem to be used to bathing with other girls, resulting in Fuu teasing her (or is that flirting?) and Yuna startling her when she offers to wash her back. Still, I’d say there’s progress overall.

The thing I actually enjoy the most about the trip is that Mimori is able to participate in all the fun. She gets some wheelchairs designed for the sand and water. There’s even an assistant, who wheels her into the ocean. These kinds of accommodations do exist in real life but still, it’s nice to see them depicted in an anime. Also nice is that YuYuYu is pretty subtle about this detail. Yuna calling for an assistant is pretty much a throwaway line. Not a single line of dialogue has anyone making a big deal about the custom wheelchairs. A viewer could honestly take it for granted as they’re watching and I dig that it’s treated this way..

There is one glaring detail revealed to us about Mimori. In the early morning, Yuna wakes up and joins an already Mimori sitting by a window. She asks about Mimori’s hair ribbon and the latter explains that after an accident that resulted in her losing her memory, she was found holding onto to. There is no way that is a throwaway line. The ribbon and the identity of whom it belongs to has to be brought up sometime later in the show. For real, who is Mimori?

…Don’t actually answer that.

Unsurprisingly, we find out in the post credit scene that there’s more Vertex to beat up. Those Taisha might want to brush up on their research. How and why the show will most likely explain later. Even though it’s a predictable development, it is a little ominous. If the fighting still isn’t done, when will it end? You also have the Taisha returning the old phones back to the Hero Club (couldn’t you just delete the magic app?) and Fuu finds out that she’s gained a second fairy. I wonder if that somehow has to do with Mankai. If that is the case then I expect the others sans Karin will get a new fairy as well. That’d be overkill in Mimori’s case, she already started out with three. And poor Karin, she’ll be stuck with one.

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  1. “Don’t actually answer that.”

    Fine. I deleted my seven paragraph response. And then I deleted the sentence that was here explaining what was in the response.

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