Rent-a-Girlfriend – Ep. 3

I’m still holding onto hope for Kazuzya’s character development and likable characters aren’t necessary to tell a good story (though it tends to help) but man is this guy so lame. The guy is admittedly aware of that but awareness is one thing, actually growing from there is another. And frankly, I don’t buy that he is growing. At the beginning of Episode 3, he apologizes to Chizuru for what happened at the mixer and appreciates his rental girlfriend’s flexibility and offer of support. Then the following day, he’s all about ready to toss Chizuru away now that he naively thinks he has another chance with Mami. They may just be acquaintances at best but Kazuya really needs to treat Chizuru better. He has no one but himself to blame whenever his rental girlfriend gives him an earful.

Mami is a bad person in her own right but she is proving to be an entertaining antagonist. As much as Kazuya thinks his relationship with Mami is real, it’s becoming increasingly evident that the only thing real about it is that they dated. She acts like she wants Kazuya but it’s clearly just that, an act. The lengths she goes to achieve her plan is astounding. She lies that she doesn’t have a new boyfriend and deliberately invites Kazuya to a trip to the beach to better flirt with him, even kissing him in private once Chizuru coincidentally shows up. There’s an amusing sense of hypocrisy here as Mami tells Kazuya to focus on a girl’s personality and not their looks and she’s using her looks to her advantage. I especially love that she declares her intentions on social media, showing that she’s both haughty and confident (I’ll shocked if that doesn’t bite back at her). Mami is clearly a spiteful and unpleasant person but she’s motivated and that makes her a fun and interesting character to follow.

It also helps that she’s voiced by Aoi Yuuki. The delivery gets pretty hammy but that seems deliberately so since Mami is blatantly putting on a phony personality as well as the fact that her true self is off the rocker.

There’s a couple things with Mami that I’m curious about. For starters, I’m actually 50-50 over what would happen if Mami wins, however likely that may be. I can actually see her dating Kazuya again, she seems possessive enough to do so, though the more straightforward result would be her dumping him right after winning him back. I also have to wonder if she will at any point find out the truth about Chizuru being a rental girlfriend. There’s a couple of close calls in this episode and honestly, Mami seems smart enough to be able to figure it out. Had she remember Chizuru’s name correctly when tweeting, I would’ve expected someone to respond and spill the beans to her. Perhaps we’d have no show if the secret gets out, Mami would totally tattle on about it, but there is potential in some other character being in the know.

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One thought on “Rent-a-Girlfriend – Ep. 3

  1. I stopped holding my breath for Kazuya after episode 2. Dude doesn’t want to get a clue. I’m also curious to see what Mami’s endgame is beyond just toting Kazuya along and getting him to break up with any potential love interests.


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