Lapis Re:LiGHTs – Ep. 5

Episode 5 of Lapis Re:LiGHTs has two plots going on. The A plot involves almost the entire supporting cast surveying a forest as part of a “Summons”, special assignments given out by the school director. Meanwhile for the B plot, Tiara’s group finds out Lucifer and Angelica are skipping the event and wants to take the slot left by them. To gain the map needed for the assignment however, they must beat Lucifer in an enchanted board game. No, I’m not making that last part up.

Between this and Episode 3, I question these times where Lapis involve most, if not all, of the characters at its disposal. Episode 4 worked pretty well because it stayed focused on just a couple of girls. Here, the A part has nine participants from three different groups and you can really tell that the script is spreading itself thin to give each and every one of them equal screen time. There’s still charm to be found, especially when the girls decide to mix things up and split into different groups, but you really don’t get to learn more about them apart from the basic details. The one character who is arguably at the forefront is Mary (Hikaru Akao), a shy girl who realizes on a magic tablet to better converse with others. At one point, her device gets ruined, leaving her depressed and her group mates Ratura (Yuukimi Hayase) and Champe (Seika Hirose) concerned. It’s not a bad arc but it feels a bit sparse since others need screen time as well. You’d be forgiven if you didn’t realize she’s the main point of interest.

Oh and the best part? This episode teases a brand new character as well. Because what we is more characters, am I right? I’m guessing she’ll be the fourth member in Emilia’s group. The OP and key visual kept teasing something along those lines. Since I don’t know too much about Emilia’s group however, it’s hard for me to care too much about this.

Somehow, the board game B-plot is way more enjoyable. I partially chalk that up to the fact that there’s less characters to work with so things feel more, shall we say, “concentrated”. That and five of those characters are the five I care the most about. Even so, I think the match really is that much fun to watch. The game is a basic “get to the finish line to win” type but after every move, the participants must deal with various hexes or fulfill different challenges.

And it keeps getting weirder as time goes on. Angelica sports a bunny girl costume and sensually eats a carrot. Rosa becomes a loli (while also making her feelings towards Tiara increasingly obvious). Lynette reenacts “The Little Match Girl”. Ashley wears a shark costume and passes out from the heat it causes. Lavie is just tuckered out in a corner, wearing a revealing dress, and the fact that I don’t know why makes it even funnier. The only challenge I’m too fond of is when Lucifer and Angelica must perform a musical number. That felt like a contrived means to involve the J-Pop, more than actual J-Pop concerts if you can fathom that. I can’t be too annoyed however as that does fit the randomness of the board game.

Unfortunately, Tiara’s group loses. Lucifer offers to play another round though everyone is clearly so done with it (that face Tiara makes is the best). Things turn around when Lavie reveals she got her own map from the director. I guess that makes the board game scenario pointless but then again, it’s a board game scenario. The only thing missing is Lucifer and Angelica getting their comeuppance for wasting everyone’s time. Surely, the director has found out when Lavie requests for a map and given the prestige of the Summons, skipping them ought to be frowned upon. The show should’ve cut to those two losing a ton of points and Angelica bickering with Lucifer over it. That would’ve been great.

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